This is a guest post written by Cydney from The Good Life.

I've got a lot to thank for blogging.

Although it's been a turbulent journey, since the new year - when I started to really take pride in my content, got inspired and have so far managed to stick to it - I've already had so many opportunities open up for me. 

6 of the best blogging skills to help your cv shine

It helps that I've surrounded myself with like-minded bloggers and have also gained the confidence from running a couple of small time businesses.

But both the online and offline skills that I've gained through managing a blog has landed me a Creative Assistant role at a local company. So I'm living proof that your blog can lend a hand in getting you your dream job.

I have to pinch myself sometimes at how lucky I am to have landed this role. The company saw potential in me and didn't want to pigeonhole me as I have creative skills. I feel like such an entrepreneur as I literally handed them my ideal job description, and they hired me based on that. We agreed a real salary and contract, and I have now been there for just over two months.

This is a huge deal for me as I'm a young parent, have no qualifications nor a creative degree, and left college with barely a letter accredited to my name. I've just worked hard on personal development, networked and sought new challenges. I value my skills and my worth, and took pride in my hobby, treating my blog like a business and portfolio of my talent.

So, considering my journey and my success, I want to share the truly valuable skills that will make your CV shine and hopefully get you a step closer to where you actually want to be.

#1 | Online Marketing

So I'm guessing if you have a blog, you've probably got a Twitter profile, Bloglovin' page, Instagram account and maybe a Facebook page to go with it. If you're like me, you've probably got well over 500 pins on Pinterest too and actively use Snapchat, so you're already doing better than half the companies out there!

You can write a post, and half the success of a blog is knowing how to promote yourself and engage on social media, and you're already doing that! You're attracting like-minded people and showing off your passions and lifestyle in an appealing way.

Well hi, this is what every company/brand needs to be doing, and you're already a PRO.

Any company in the 21st century should understand the importance and potential of social media, and because you can do this with your eyes half shut, you can bring a huge amount of value on this basis.

#2 | Branding

This is probably something you're already doing without thinking too hard about it!

Your blog will have a certain style to reflect your personality, and you've probably already chosen topics to write about which you're passionate about; whether you're a beauty blogger or lifestyle blogger - you've already given yourself a theme.

Perhaps you've invested some time (or money) in personalising your blog, got a cute header, some buttons etc., and if you're wise enough, they'll be used on your Twitter profile and Facebook page too. Maybe you even have an Instagram theme that's in line with your blog.

If you've completed any one of the above, then you have experience with branding! And if you think about it, having a blog full stop is like having a brand because your personality is your brand, which you're eloquently curating into content. So even if you have no direction, you're already halfway there.

#3 | Networking

As a blogger, you become exposed to a lot more people than you normally would: online you may join in a Twitter chat or two, connecting and attracting like-minded people to you and your content. Offline you may choose to attend networking events to get your blog out there. You may get together with local bloggers or have been along to blogger specific events, mooching with PR agencies, other bloggers and brand representatives.

Whether you're networking regularly or have been to the one-off blogger event, this puts you above every other candidate as you have experience networking (even if you don't know what you're doing). It proves you're sociable online and/or offline, which shows you're a good representative.

#4 | Creativity

If you didn't have an ounce of creativity, it would be very hard to maintain a blog - you'd simply run out of ideas and original content!

Keeping up with regular blog posts requires an ability to stay inspired and motivated. Blogging inspiration comes in many shapes and forms, but to be able to write engaging blog posts you have to be able to look at things from a different perspective. You have to channel your creativity, not just with creative writing, but also the images you use and take for a well-rounded post.

#5 | Photography

This brings me nicely onto the next skill which is photography.

Of course this isn't required of every blogger, but I must admit my blog encouraged me to improve my photography skills.

I wanted to take better photos, not just for my own personal gain of having a lovely album and online diary to look back on, but to also draw in readers to my content. I'm a very visual person and love reading blogs that have flawless photos, ones that capture a perfect moment, or show every detail of a scenic background or outfit post.

6 of the best blogging skills to help your cv shine

Seeing others beautiful feeds and large imagery really inspired me to up my game, which has made me quite confident with a DSLR (and of course if you're a budding YouTuber too, you'll have videography as an added bonus here).

In my experience, having this skill is a huge asset to a company as this means they can produce some amazing online content in house with the use of your skill and confidence behind a camera.

#6 | Copywriting

And of course, not forgetting the absolute fundamental quality of a blogger are those amazing writing skills. These will be improving every time you put your thoughts into words creating your next post.

Whether you've been blogging for 3 weeks or 3 years, each and every time you put a post out there, double check your spelling and the structure before your press publish - you're improving your creative writing and literary skills. You're probably faster at typing and reading than any other average candidate, as you spend your spare time catching up with your favourite blogs, replying to comments and tweets before you hastily tap away your next post, anything up to seven times a week. That sounds like the perfect foundation of a great copywriter to me!

A Final Note

Now I'm sure there are many other skills I'm probably missing, but if you've reached this point in this post I'm hoping you have a lot more confidence in yourself.

By being a blogger, you have the perfect recipe for success! You're a triple threat to any potential candidate - you just need to know your worth! Your blog gives you the experience and knowledge transferable to any job Ii'd like to think!).

Now go and change your CV right now, knock on the door of the companies you aspire to work at and show them how much you can shine!

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Has your blog helped you get a job? What other skills would you add to this list?

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