There's a question that we all ask at some point throughout our career journey. Does the perfect job even exist? You search and search for the right one, and when you think you've found it, you're knocked back down to earth again. 

You don't like your boss and you're given tasks that you didn't know would be a part of your role. Or you thought the culture was so great when you went for your interview, but it turns out to be the complete opposite. 

But what's worse is when you keep going through this same situation. Oh, and all of your friends found their perfect job about six months ago. So you're on your own.  

I don't really know if there's a dream job. I believe more that you pick a job to fit in your dream life. But it's also very frustrating when the people around you seem to be in important, well-paid jobs, while you're still riding the train waiting for your stop.

Here's a secret - no one really has the 'perfect' job. People might have jobs that they love, but they're always working to change things and improve themselves. If it was perfect, there wouldn't be any need for change, right?

But what they do have is a mindset that helps them create the life they want with the right job for them. Today, I wanted to share with you how you can do exactly the same. 

Take everything with a pinch of salt

Comparison is the devil and it'll be in your best interests to avoid it as much as possible. Keep your perspective on a level head. Remember, none of us show everything online and some people show a very edited version of their lives. Everyone, and I mean everyone has made mistakes at work - but you don't see some people bragging about how big those mistakes were.

So when you're hearing about all of your friends achievements, take it with a pinch of salt. They're only telling you want they want you to hear, which of course, will be all the positives! What they won't want to tell you is the huge amount of pressure they feel to live up to that standard every single day. 

That means you can't compare yourself. There's no point. Instead, why not join in? Why not tell people about the things you're embracing in your career? What win did you have this week? Instead of letting jealousy overcome you, welcome positivity and you'll notice a big difference.

Be a pro when it comes to facing challenges

Just because someone loves their job, doesn't mean they won't face the hurdles and setbacks that everyone else faces. The difference is in how you deal with them.

If you're a pessimist and you face a challenge, you'll instantly think, "this is all my fault. I didn't do my best. I'm not good enough."

But if you have an optimistic outlook? You'll see challenges a learning curve. You'll see them as a chance for you to adapt, because you know you aren't perfect. You'll think, "Maybe I would've done that differently" or "I'll find some websites to catch up on the latest industry news about this to improve my knowledge" or "I'm skilled enough to know how to improve."

We talk about our mindset a lot in this community, and it's the one thing that will influence how you deal with challenges. Heard of infinite and growth mindsets? They really apply here. Have a fixed mindset and you'll become overwhelmed when you hit a hurdle. Have a growth mindset and -you guessed it - you'll believe that you can jump the hurdle and grow along the way.

If you can't find the job you want, you can't expect everything to be perfect. This is something that took me a really long time to learn. The world is a vast and imperfect place. But you can use your experience, skills and knowledge to jump over every single hurdle that comes your way.

Surround yourself with positive people

People who are happy in their career are probably happy in other aspects of their life too. Plus, they surround themselves with positive people too. I know you won't get on with everyone you meet on your career journey and that's fine. But do you honk many people become best friends with everyone they meet? It's unlikely. What they do (and what I do) is surround myself with the positive, optimistic people in my life rather than people who give me negativity.

But let's say you work in an office with Jerky McJerkface. Yes, you're going to have to figure something out. But you don't have to start braiding her hair, going on a lunch date and bitching about everyone else in the office with her. Just because you work with her doesn't mean you have to fill your life with her. Instead, find the people who are as passionate about their work as your are. Their outlook will definitely affect you in a good way.

Take it into your own hands

Think about it - no two people will do one job in the same way. No two bloggers will run their blog in the same way. We each bring something unique to everything we do. And unless you have a manager that wants to watch your every move, you’ll be able to craft yourself and grow in every position you have. This is especially true if you run your own business, too.

If there’s something you’re skilled at that you want to take control of in your job, go for it. Ask someone. Try to focus on the tasks you enjoy the most, and if you want to try something new, then take matters into your own hands.

You’re not boxed in with just what’s listed in your job description. Branch out and look for opportunities. Pitch it to someone and pitch strong. Maybe no one else has had an idea like that before.

There are lots of tasks solely in my job description that I do. But there are also other things I’ve brought into the role. I came into the Marketing team at my company with a really strong knowledge of social media, and it’s naturally progressed into me managing all the social media. Just like my other colleague designs all our posters, because that’s where her skills lie. Just because something isn’t in your job description, doesn't mean you can’t develop an opportunity yourself.

If you’re not in the job you want, that doesn't mean you have to keep searching for the perfect one. Instead, look at your life as a whole and think about how you can make it as close to your version of perfect as possible. Obviously if things get really bad then you don’t have to stay there - but what’s important to remember is that you have power over the direction your career goes in.

Doing this will make you feel more optimistic, and help you be more productive and happier overall. You’ll also find you’ll be willing to grow beyond your current role, which will open so many doors for you. With a little patience, soon enough you’ll find that you’ll start moving up in your career and looking back, you’ll understand that it’s not jealousy that gets you anywhere - it’s positivity.


Let's chat in the comments - have you ever been in a job you didn't want? What have you done to make a positive change?

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