Some of The Best Magazines Worth Subscribing to

So if there’s a very easy way to my heart, it’s magazines. I remember when I was about 15, I picked up my first ever issue of Elle for when we were going on holiday. It made me feel so adult. Ever since then, I’ve never missed an issue, and magazines became a big love of mine.

I grew to love them so much, that it became my career goal to ultimately write for a magazine. This is a goal I’ve sort of fulfilled – I’ve written for LOOK magazine and Holl & Lane too. But I’d love to write for more. I also did a Masters degree in Magazine Journalism in 2013, so it’s safe to say that they’re a huge source of inspiration for me.

So today, I wanted to round up all the magazines that I’ve come to love over the years. Some I buy every issue, some I’ll just buy the odd one, but I love them all for different reasons. I know the online world is taking over and “print is dying”, but I believe that magazines will never die. Here’s my pick of the best.


Elle was the first adult magazine I ever bought and the only one I subscribe to. I can’t believe how much it’s developed over the years. This truly is my favourite ever magazine. From the fashion to the interviews, to the beauty tips to the features, this is one that can be read from cover to cover. You can find material in here that’s challenging, intelligent and they’re not afraid to be different either.

What’s brilliant about Elle is that they celebrate all women. Their cover stars have ranged from Anne Hathaway and Keira Knightley, to Rebel Wilson and Miley Cyrus. Gone is the general content you see in some women’s magazines. The team at Elle are incredibly talented, from the way they write to the way they inspire us as the reader.

The latest issue features Beyoncé as the cover star and even comes with a huge poster featuring some of the most powerful Elle stars. It’s worth getting this magazine purely for the girl power.

The Simple Things

I only started reading this magazine around two years ago. I was actually looking for something completely different in a magazine, something I hadn't seen before. That’s when I saw The Simple Things.

It’s not your usual women’s magazine. It celebrates, well, the simple things in life. It features real people who do real things and it opens you up to completely new worlds. Like a woman who travels with the circus, and a couple who live by the sea and sell salt. From Spring through to Winter, they capture the seasons perfectly. You’ll never find the same thing in each issue. Food, interiors and living all feature in this magazine, but they’re covered in a way you’ll have never seen before. Plus, the imagery is always beautiful.

Women’s Health

Never in a million years did I think I’d ever buy a fitness magazine. My thinking was that there were so many on the shelves, I’d have no idea which one to buy and believe in. That was until I saw Kayla Itsines on the cover once and had to check it out.

I was very glad I bought that first issue back in December. It’s the complete opposite of what I thought it was going to be. It’s real and very very useful. The workouts in there look fantastic and I can’t wait to try one out over the next few weeks. It’s got great nutritional tips, cute workout fashion inspiration and has tips from some mega important people in the fitness world. Definitely one I want to keep an eye on.


This was a magazine I’d been meaning to purchase for a while, so when Tom got it me as an Easter present I was thrilled (remember what I said about the way to my heart? ;) ). It’s the most jam-packed magazine I’ve ever come across. Everything is in there, from content creation to social media, and photography to collaborations. It features some fantastic bloggers and the text and images are brilliant too. I can definitely see myself becoming addicted to this one. Dream job? Being hired as a writer for Blogosphere. I’ll take that.

National Geographic

Now here’s one for the boys. I’ll admit, this magazine isn't my cup of tea, but Tom loves reading National Geographic. The features in there are so long and detailed that it’s like you’re almost transported to another world. They get up close and personal with some of the most unheard places around the world and you’d be surprised what you’d find in there. But it’s the photography that’s the game-changer. I like having a flick through each new issue just to admire the imagery. Well worth a try if you’re into travel and want to try something new.


My mum used to subscribe to this magazine which is where I was first able to have a read of it. I love how it’s aimed at more mature women, yet I still find it so relatable. It’s got your fashion and beauty in there, but I love its interior, food and wellbeing sections the most. It’s like the perfect all-rounder for the everyday woman and definitely one I can see myself picking up a lot more in the future.


I’m grouping these two together because I love them both for similar reasons. First, the cover stars always look incredible. And second, I just love their playful nature. They’re aimed at younger women, but you don’t feel like a silly teenager reading them. I actually feel like they target women in the early twenties more, as recently they've had features like “How to host your first Christmas” and lots of career advice too. They’re both very real and entertaining. Plus, the fashion is always stunning.

And there you have it – my round-up of some lovely reads for you to try out and enjoy. So next time you’re having some downtime, why not make a brew, read a magazine and escape for a while?


Let’s chat in the comments – do you love any of these magazines? What others would you include on your list?

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