Sunday usually comes with the Sunday blues. But not for me. Not this Sunday. Want to know why? Because I've got a whole. week. off.

Yep, I'm officially on my holidays now. I'm not going away anywhere. Really, I just want to spend it pottering around, getting work done and ticking things off my life admin list.

So this Seven for Sunday comes to you from the comfort of my desk, where my honey blossom Yankee candles is burning brightly, and I've got a whole list written of what I want to accomplish over the next seven days.

I'm feeling quite optimistic. There's a lot I want to get done, but so far I'm feeling really pumped. I'm making silent prayers all the time that the weather is going to be sort of Spring-like and I'm quite looking forward to some good old-fashioned alone time.

On Friday, Tom and I went to Nandos for tea which was the perfect way to start my time off. Then yesterday we took blog photos, I spent time doing some work (aka this post) and had a cinema trip with my dad. We've also had a lot of present deliveries from Maisy this week - only cat owners will understand that one!

So if you want to keep up with me behind-the-scenes this week, I'm going to be documenting everything on Snapchat. You can find me at abranchofholly.

But enough about next week - let's get cracking with this edition of Seven for Sunday.

#1 | Trousers and brogues

When I uploaded this photo to Instagram, I said it was my "I'm-gonna-be-running-round-like-a-headless-chicken-oh-and-it's-raining" look. And when you know you're going to be moving around a lot, adding that to the pouring rain, these shoes are my go-to. 

I usually have a problem with flat shoes. Most ones I buy blister me, so I usually stick to boots and heels. I actually bought these a few years ago now from Clarks and they are some of the comfiest shoes I own. What's great is that they go with everything - trousers, dresses, skirts - they're so versatile.

Every girl needs a decent pair of black flats in her collection. These definitely make the cut for me!

As for the trousers, they were a Christmas present and they're from H&M. They're so comfy to wear and I absolutely love how you can dress them up with heels too.



Seven for Sunday - 17th April 2016

#2 | Taking time to read

I used to be a huge bookworm. There was nothing I loved more than sitting down with a good book. When I was in high school and college, I'd stay up to the early hours because I was just so completely lost in whatever world I was reading about.

But then university came, and I felt guilty reading an actual book when I knew I had so much other "academic" reading to do. And since then, reading books for joy has slowly slipped away.

It's the same when it comes to magazines. Want to know when my pile of "magazines to read" dates back to? December 2014. Yep. I've got over a year's worth of magazines to read.

So that's why I've been making much more of an effort with my evenings and putting time aside to read. I'd rather catch up with a magazine than watch TV sometimes, so it's the perfect balance when Tom wants to watch something - the fact that we're together is what's important.

Seven for Sunday: 17th April 2016

#3 | the bUnnies

Meet Poppy and Rosie - it's their third birthday tomorrow and they're very excited. Almost as excited as they get at breakfast time. I don't think I've ever talked about them much on here before, so I couldn't resist getting a cute snap and introducing them to you!

They get very giddy. When they go out on the grass for a run around, they bound round so quickly that sometimes they look like a blur. They also like cleaning each other a lot. And they actually get on with Maisy really well too.

So yes, I've bought them a couple of presents and we'll be having a little mini celebration tomorrow!

Seven for Sunday: 17th April 2016

#4 | Comments on my new homepage

I was so so pleased with the reaction to my new homepage. I tried to thank as many of you as possible for your amazing feedback. Every so often I'll keep looking at the comments, looking at my homepage and get a very fuzzy feeling. You guys are seriously so great.

I was thinking about hiring a designer to do it, but one night I just sat down and had a bit of play around. I was so nervous it would go wrong, but I told myself to get a grip.

I'm so happy with the outcome. It's exactly how I pictured it to look. And the fact that you guys love it too is just the icing on the cake, so thank you!

Seven for Sunday: 17th April 2016

#5 | Working out

So it's nothing new that exercise is a part of my life. I usually workout five times a week if I can. But it's only lately that I've really been noticing what a difference it's been making. 

First off, I really enjoy. Honestly. When I leave work I can't wait to go home and exercise. It's hard and it's tough to keep yourself motivated, especially after a long day. But I always feel so much better when it's done.

Recently I've started working out with Tom. He's a runner, but he's started to do some strength training too, so we thought it'd be fun to do it together. Now we workout together once a week. It's hilarious, but so much better to. We motivate each other and it's something fun we both get to do together.

Seven for Sunday: 17th April 2016

#6 | Feeling good

This was one of those "I'm about to do a workout and I feel really good" moments that I just wanted to capture. You know when you're just having a really good day and everything seems like its falling into place? That's what this smile is for.

Tom's got an appraisal on Tuesday that is hopefully going to have some very good news. I just hope we're both smiling like this when he tells me how it went!

Seven for Sunday: 17th April 2016

#7 | Coming up with ideas

My head has been full of ideas lately. To new series, to blog post ideas, I feel like I've got lots of creative energy at the moment which is making me really happy.

I'm also going to be trying harder to establish myself as a freelancer. I'm setting up a page on my website which will have the services I'll be offering and I'm going to try and get myself a few more clients. So if you're in need of writing, editing or social media services, hit me up!

Seven for Sunday: 17th April 2016

Now I'm off to do a bike ride with Tom and tackle my life admin. Wish me luck. Happy Sunday!

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Let's chat in the comments - what have been some of the highlights of your week? Anything new with you?

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