7 Office Supplies That Will Help to Keep You Motivated

Maybe it’s just because my middle name is “motivation”, but I’ve always needed a good, strong workspace to help me achieve my best work. My office space has seen me throughout college, university and my Masters degree, but it’s not just the way I’ve set it out – it’s the actual supplies that do it for me.

A few weeks ago, I shared a post about how I set up my desk to increase my productivity, and I enjoyed that so much that I decided to get a post together about all the best accessories. I’ve come across so many great brands that have really great desktop supplies, so here’s my favourite picks to help keep you motivated and tick off that to-do list.

#1 | Plants

Not really an office supply as such, but you can’t deny the power of plants and flowers. We have them throughout our home so I thought why not bring them to the desk too? A bunch of tulips or daffodils are perfect for Spring or if greenery is more your thing, then succulents are everywhere at the moment. Here’s a freelance piece I wrote about the benefit of having plants in your workspace.

#2 | Candles

In the post I wrote a few weeks ago, I said how I only keep things on my desk that I need – a candle is one of those. For me, it’s a necessary ingredient. Not only because I usually work at night, but because it completely transforms your atmosphere. My favourite at the moment is a Honey Blossom Yankee Candle and it’s lasting for a really long time!

#3 | Gallery Wall

The one thing I want to add to my office space in my bedroom is a load of prints. At the moment, the wall above my desk is bare, but I think adding graphics will completely change the mood in a good way. They inspire you to get more work done, help you remember your purpose and keep you motivated in the moment. You’ll feel productive and focused, especially if you pick quotes that mean the most to you. I’m looking to get mine from Nouvelle Daily and here are some of my favourites so far:

7 Office Supplies That Will Help to Keep You Motivated

happily ever after print / make it happen print / stay curious print / mark twain print

#4 | Weekly Notepad

I’ve got a major thing for notepads. I’ve got a whole box full of unused ones, yet I always buy more! But there’s something about weekly notepads that’ve got that little bit extra. The beauty of these is they sit on your desk ready for you to jot down your tasks. It feels a lot less intense than writing in an official planner and is great to use on a day-to-day basis for all your note taking.

Sainsburys always have a lovely range available and The Blog Market did a great round-up of some beautiful ones that you can check out here.

7 Office Supplies That Will Help To Keep You Motivated

#5 | Pens

Cute pens always steal my heart, so much so that I never want them to run out. I always fall in love with the different colours and styles, and when you know you’ve found the pen that works for you, it’s like a match made in heaven. My favourite ones at the moment are from Muji – I want one in every colour!

#6 | Notebooks

Notebooks can be used for everything. Recipes, exercise plans, general thoughts, tasks, your bullet journal – hunting down the right one is so important. For me, you can never have too many. My bullet journal has everything in it. Right now I’m using this notebook from Sainsburys that you can see in this Instagram pic.

7 Office Supplies That Will Help to Keep You Motivated

At the moment, Sainsburys is my go-to, because they have such a variety of gorgeous styles available. But I’ve also got other ongoing notebooks that I use for other things, like an interior wishlist and a big A4 one for planning out my blog posts and editorial calendar. As bloggers, we’ll always find a way to use a notebook and they’re definitely a way to my heart. Here are some of my favourites:

7 Office Supplies That Will Help to Keep You Motivated

paperchase dotted notebook / moglea painted notebook / kikki.k kitty notebook / nouvelle happy jotter

#7 | Highlighters & Washi Tape

Two staples for me that a few months ago, I had no idea I’d end up becoming so addicted to! I now have piles and piles of washi tape in a box and a pot full of mini highlighters. I’m very minimal when it comes to stationery but these are both great for adding pops of colour to make me notice certain important things I’ve jotted down. I’m also planning on hanging some prints up with washi tape as I think that’ll help to make my gallery wall look really unique. Next time I’m in need, I’m heading to The Fox & Star.

So there you have my staples for staying motivated and some of my favourite shops too. If I ever get new stationery I’m bound to share it on my Instagram and I’d love for you to do the same so I can get some inspiration.


Let's chat in the comments - what are some of your must-have office supplies? Where are your favourite places to shop?

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