7 of the Best Things That Rock My Work Beauty Uniform

Let’s just clear something up – beauty doesn’t feature often here on ABOH. And by no means am I turning into a beauty blogger. But recently, something occurred to me.

Whilst I love writing content about my day job, social media and my blogging journey, I’ve always wanted this online space to be a branch of my life. The main thing I try and do with this blog is inspire you, and that could be through any of the categories that feature here. So I figured that as long as I’m writing towards my theme of inspiring people and helping them live a more fulfilling live, I can write about what I want, right?

Right. Plus, technically this relates to the career category, so I’m thinking of doing a mini career-related series all about life as a working woman. Starting off with beauty!

I work in an office, but that definitely doesn’t mean I sit at a desk all day. My job involves a lot of movement within my building and outside of it when I go to events. It also involves a lot of heavy lifting as we prepare boxes of all our marketing materials to take to these events. I do a lot of evening work, so it’s safe to say that one of the hardest parts of my job is getting my make-up to stay put!

Ideally, I need my products to last for 12 hours+. Take yesterday for instance – I had put my make-up on my 7:10am and I wasn't getting home until 7pm that night. That means some long-lasting products for me.

Luckily over the years, I’ve perfected my work beauty uniform. So today I wanted to share some of my routine with you, which will hopefully help to inspire your own.

#1 | Base

Let’s make a start with the base. One of the key products to help your make-up last all day is…(drum roll please)…primer. Ah yes. Once I started using primer I never looked back.

Ideally, I’d want to use Clinique’s Superprimer, but I wanted a more budget-friendly one. I started off using the Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer which I’d read good reviews about, and I'm now using the One Heck Of A Blot Primer from Soap and Glory. After this has finished, I'm thinking of moving onto the Accessorize Primer as I’ve heard really great things about that too. If you've used this before let me know what you think down below.

Those of you with oily skin like me will know that primer is an absolutely lifesaver when it comes to helping your make-up stay on. It’s great for prepping the skin and always keeps my shine at bay.

Next up is foundation and I’ve been using one by Clinique since I was 16. I always wear foundation, but only a light coverage, I’m not the type of person to cake it on. A lot of beauty bloggers talk about this foundation (and it’s even Clinique’s top-seller) – Even Better Makeup SPF15. I use the lightest shade because I’m naturally pale and it gives me the perfect coverage I need. It doesn’t clog my pores, it doesn’t rub off and it lasts all day.

Concealer is always something I use a lot of (hello eye bags!) and again, my go-to choice is one from Clinique called the Airbrush Concealer. Not only does this last all day, but I’ve also found it really brightens up my skin and gives my inner cheeks a nice dewy glow without looking shiny. I’ve started applying this all under my eye, across my eyelid and on the outside of my nose too and blending it in with the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. Seriously, if you add anything to your work beauty routine, let it be a sponge. It makes such a difference!

As for my powder and bronzer, I use Clinique again – the Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder (although next time I’m thinking of using one that isn't matte) and the True Bronze Pressed Powder Bronzer. I apply the powder everywhere and this is usually the only thing I top up when I’ve got an evening event. For bronzer, I only apply a small amount in the hollows of my cheeks and blend it up towards my outer forehead.

Next up it’s highlighter and blusher, which are both (yep, you guessed it), from Clinique! I love this brand of make-up, but I also know there are great high street alternatives too. I only added highlighter into my beauty routine about a year ago and it’s honestly one of my favourite things. I use the Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlight and apply it in all the right places to give off a soft glow.

I used to use a peach blush but I felt it didn't make my complexion as fresh as I wanted it to be, so I’ve since changed to a colour by Clinique called Iced Lotus, which is a very pretty pink/lilac shade.

#2 | Eyes

Onto the eyes next and for my everyday beauty uniform, I always use the same three colours although I do have my eyes set on the Zoeva Nude Spectrum Palette as my next purchase. I apply a dusty pink shade into the crease of my eye and blend that outwards. Then a very light pink, almost nude colour onto my eyelid and in the corners of my eye to brighten my face. And finally, a brown colour on the outer half of my eye as a subtle smoky look.

Eyeshadow is a tricky one when it comes to work, and I never used to wear it. But I find the right colours can really enhance the overall look you’re going for, so start subtle and try some out.

Last up I use a Topshop eyebrow pencil, because how much does filling in your eyebrows bring your whole look together? A Topshop eyeliner on my top waterline – this is the only one I’ve used the doesn’t smudge; a L’Oreal liner for my eyelid and finally, mascara.

I use a different mascara for during the day and when I go out and you might be surprised to know that one of them isn't Clinique!

My work one is Clinique’s High Impact Mascara, which I know some beauty bloggers love. Outside of work I’m currently using Benefit’s Roller Lash Mascara and let me tell you – this is the best mascara I’ve ever used.

#3 | Lips

My lip look for work just used to be a pink tub of Vaseline – I know, right? But I’ve started using actual lipsticks, one of which is Clinique’s Lip Pop Colour & Primer that I got for Christmas. This is one of the best lip products I’ve ever used. It lasts for hours! I’ve got the full-size one in Fab Pop and I just picked up my free gift which has got a mini version of Sweet Pop in it which I love. Next, I’m looking to add a nude one to my collection which I think will become a work beauty uniform staple.

So there you have it! The products I use in my work beauty routine that will hopefully help to inspire your own work beauty uniform.

P.S – this post wasn’t sponsored by Clinique, it’s just honestly my favourite beauty brand!


What are permanent staples in your work beauty uniform? Are there any products you’ll try adding into your routine from this list?


12 of the Best Things That Will Rock Your Work Beauty Uniform

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