7 Productive Things to Do over the Long Weekend Break

Hands up if you’re looking forward to the long weekend? I can’t wait!

I love my job, but having breaks is so important for you to be able to switch off and forget about work.

Holidays are a time for relaxation, enjoyment and spending time on the things that mean the most to you in life. But, it’s also a great time to catch up on anything you’ve been putting off or that you’ve not had time to do. Whether it’s getting up to date with your blog posts, booking an appointment at the gym or sorting out a room in your house, a long break gives you chance to tackle these things that normally, you wouldn't have time for.

As for me, I’m not overloading myself too much – I want to take these four days to be with my family and do things that fill me up with joy. I’ll be going on a long walk, doing some Easter baking, catching up on the pile of magazines I’ve got to read, and I’ll write some blog posts too.

But there’s also lots of other things on my list. So if you’re wondering how to spend your time over the long weekend, here’s a list of really productive things to do.

#1 | Review your goals

April means we’re four months into the year, which is a perfect time to review the resolutions and goals you set for yourself. Taking time to look over what you wanted to achieve and how on track you are is one of the best things to do at this time as we move into a brand new season. But it’s also a great time for you to check whether you still want to keep these goals. If you want to alter them or make changes in any way, now’s the time to do so.

You can also set yourself new targets. Make sure you break your big picture goal down into smaller, more manageable steps so it feels like you’re on your way to achieving it every single day. Plus, this will help you stay on track and keep focused.

#2 | Get your diary up to date

Get a piece of paper and note down appointments, birthday’s, deadlines and anything else coming up over the next few months. One of my biggest priorities for the long weekend is to get my bullet journal up and running ready to start in April. Getting everything written down so you can see things at a glance means you’ll save time in the long run and won’t forget about all the essentials.

#3 | Plan something fun to do

While it would be easy to spend the whole holiday working and catching up with chores, you’ve got to plan things to look forward to. When you’re getting your diary up to date, make sure you’re including days off in there too. Tom and I always look through our calendar and see what time we’re taking off and when. We like to spread it out over a year so we’re never without some time off for a certain amount of time. The next one for me will be a week at the end of April and then the start of June when we jet off to Dublin.

But it’s not just about taking time off – why not do more with your weekend too? Block a weekend where you can go on a day trip, just you and your favourite person, and escape from reality for a while. Self-care is even more important than the work you do. Make sure you schedule time to look after yourself and have some fun.

#4 | See your family and friends

Easter has always been very family-oriented for us. This year, Tom’s mum and dad are down south seeing their side of the family, so we’ll be spending Easter with mine. Two of Tom’s friends are also having an engagement party on Saturday, so we’ll get to meet up with our friends too. It’s the perfect time to nurture your friendships and family relationships, whether it’s meeting in person, having a long-overdue Skype call, or sending a catch-up email.

#5 | Try something new

A long break is also a great time to try something you’ve always wanted to, no matter how big or small. Something that you’ve never found the time for before or something you’ve finally built up the courage to have a go at. Instead of spending your time doing things you think you “have” to do, why not do something purely for the enjoyment of it?

#6 | Organise your digital life

This is something I love to do regularly throughout the year. With my computer files, social media, email inbox and blog reading list, it feels so mentally good when you do a clear out. Delete things you don’t need, unfollow accounts you don’t like, unsubscribe from mailing lists – and then organise your blog files, create Twitter lists of your favourite users, and read the blogs that add something to your life.

#7 | Try and form a new habit

Our routines are always subject to change and it’s important they work in the right way for you. Adding a new positive habit will give you endless benefits. Whether it’s working out once a week, walking home from work or writing down something you’re grateful for every morning, try and start it over your long break. Starting while you’re off is the best time to do it before your daily work routine kicks in again.

#8 | Get active

We all start the New Year off with good intentions about our diet and fitness regime. But I think that’s the worse time to make a pact with yourself about keeping fit. The best time is before the end of the year or around this time when it’s the long weekend. If you’re taking more time off, make use of it by trying to get into some sort of fitness regime that you’ll stick at for the rest of the year.

#9 | Read, read and read some more

And I don’t mean blogs, or anything online for that matter. I mean books. I mean magazines. I’ve got a pile of magazines dating back to this time last year that I need to read and that’s made me realise that I’ve been spending too much time online. Magazines have always been a great source of inspiration and relaxation for me – I get pure joy when I read them. Whether it’s bundling up with one on the sofa, or sitting outside in the summer – when you’ve got the time to read, you should read.

Even if you take one of the things off this list to try out over the long weekend, that’s still one thing, and one thing you’re adding to your life. Good luck being productive!


What are your plans over the long weekend break? Will you try any of the things from this list?

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