Tom & Me: 5 Loves, Laughs & Surprises

Since it's the month of love, and Valentine's Day always inspires a bit more love and appreciation, I thought this year, Tom and I could do a joint post. Last year, I shared the story of how we met. This year, I thought we could share some of the things we've learnt about each other. We've been together for two and a half years, which may not seem like a long time to some - but that means we're always learning new things about each other. So to celebrate this year, here are five laughs, loves and surprises Tom and I have for each other.

tom and me

Holly on Tom


One of the things I love most about Tom is how much he makes me laugh. If I'm ever feeling down or even when I'm already happy, I can guarantee he'll always be able to do something to get me chuckling. I also love how much he appreciates me. When I moan about having a bad hair day he'll tell me to stop being silly and he'll always tells me when he likes what I'm wearing. 

But most of all, it's how he wants to do things together. He sees us as a unit and as a whole. When he talks about doing things, it's always in the sense of me and him, not us as individual people. That really means a lot to me.

What makes me laugh about Tom

Tom is the king of accents. Seriously. He can just come out with them and it gets me in hysterics every single time. Bruno from Strictly Come Dancing is my favourite. He also gets super excited when he makes sandwiches for lunch!


I'd probably have to say how keen he is to try new things. When I first met Tom, I thought he was very reserved and safe - two qualities which I love about him. He's always very sensible and rationale, so when I came to realise his sense of adventure, it surprised me and continues to do so. Whether it's visiting a new place or trying a new food, he's always up for it.

I couldn't do without...

Him being so rationale. I'm the type of person who instantly panics and gets overwhelmed in certain situations. Tom is the complete opposite. He's so laid back and thinks from all perspectives. He'll talk to me sensibly and get me to calm down so I realise the situation isn't as a bad as I think. When I'm struggling with work, he'll help me come up with a plan and he's always there whenever I need him. He's really good in situations like that and for me, that's exactly what I need.

in the future i can't wait for...

Tom and I to start a family. He's an only child and only his parents live up here in the North West - the rest of his family live down South and we don't see them often. I'm the opposite, with all my family around me all the time. He wants a family so badly and I can't wait to see him as a father (in a good few years time!)


Tom on Holly


Our walks in the country? Our extended car journeys to just talk and sing along to the radio? Our trips out to discover tea rooms? I love them all but I'm not picking something that we do - I'm picking something about Holly's character.

I love that Holly always puts the time aside to help me and others with what she knows is important. If she spots an opportunity to help, she will do so without being asked but also without interfering. I know I can always rely on her advice when I most need it and that she'll always be honest to help me see things from a different perspective.


It's quite fitting that this post is for Valentine's Day because it's one of the many occasions throughout the year when me and Holly buy gifts for one another, and, as always, a certain someone hasn't been able to contain their excitement and curiosity with the prospect of opening presents this Sunday.

We usually give one another clues in the days building up to the occasion as to what the other can expect on the day, and while Holly's frustrated reactions to my terrible clues and subsequent lack of clarity on the impending presents never fail to make me laugh, I also can't resist laughing at the logic behind some of her clues that I can never figure out if I'm meant to decipher or not! I guess neither of us wants to risk spoiling the surprise, but we just both like knowing how far we can push it.


One of the first things I found out about Holly was that she played the piano. She told me about previous years where she used to gig, but that she hadn't really done it since she left Uni. It appeared to be not just a hobby, but a passion, that was gradually fading with time.

When I first heard Holly play and sing from the next room a few months into our relationship, I couldn't believe how good she was, to the extent I thought she must've still be practising in secret! Not long ago she again took up lessons, but ever since that moment I've always been surprised about her shyness to play in front of family and me, because, even though there will be nerves, it does nowhere near justify the confidence she should have in her ability to play so brilliantly and pick up new complicated tunes so quickly.


We're always learning new things and picking up new skills, and a recent one for me has been cooking. That's not to say I couldn't cook anything previously (although I'm sure Holly will tell you different!), but it's fair to say I'm far from a decent chef in the kitchen.

Thanks to Holly's patience with me that I really couldn't do without, I'm now much more confident in preparing meals like curries, pasta bakes and salads that I never thought I'd be able to make a good job of, and it's also why I'm looking forward to becoming more than just an expert pepper and onion chopper!


The next big step for me and Holly will be moving into our own place together. That's of course something I can't wait for because it will signal the start of a whole new chapter in both of our lives, but I wanted to pick something more unique to us.

In the two and a bit years we've been together, we've always put time aside to explore and discover new places as a couple, whether locally or further afield in this country and abroad. It's culminated in many memories that we can now look back on and smile or laugh about, and I can't wait to make more, because I know it will never be the same if we're not experiencing it and creating memories together to make each place our own.


How are you celebrating Valentine's Day with your loved ones?

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