Everyone is NOT an Expert

"The day you stop learning, you're definitely not an expert."
Everyone is NOT an Expert

We can go on quite a journey with our blogs. Think about how long you've been running your online presence for and how much has changed. Think about how much you're always striving to do to be better. Think about how much you're always doing to try and improve.

It's exhausting.

I've had this post by Sophie saved somewhere safe ever since she wrote it. For a while, I read it almost every day. It really struck a chord with me, and today, I wanted to share my own thoughts on this.

It seems that so many people are trying to better themselves, their blog or their business. Everyone is always taking the latest course or trying the newest trick on social media. It's great to set goals and want to achieve more. But the problem is that people can get caught in a bubble.

Let's take email lists as an example. Off the top of my head, I can name five different bloggers who have courses about building your email list. I bet you can also name a lot of bloggers who have written a post or two on the topic.

But here's the issue - that is one person's opinion. That has worked for them and only them.

Who's to say it's going to work for you. Who's to say it's going to even be relevant for you?

Advice posts are hugely popular in blogging right now. It makes sense - we all need advice, right? But there's a difference in writing advice posts because you want to, and writing them to try and position yourself as an expert to grow your brand.

Just because you're blogging about certain topics does not make you an expert. Sure, you might know a lot about it. For instance, I'm good at giving advice about interviews, applying for jobs and CV's because I've had so much experience in these areas. Does that make me an expert?


I don't like the phrase "anyone can write about anything", but in some senses it's partly true. The amount of "samey" blogs out there at the moment isn't good. Everything is being repeated. Blog about how you doubled your social media following - but do it uniquely. Offer unique advice. Each of our situations are different. No one is on the same journey.

Feel free to take advice and try out methods from different bloggers. But my belief is that you should only take advice from people who know what they're talking about. This doesn't make them an expert. Even people who sell out ecourses are always learning to build their knowledge and skills.

If you're going to someone about interview techniques, how many interviewers have offered them a job?

If you're going to someone about creating and publishing a book, how many books have they sold?

Take your advice from people who know what they're talking about. People who have been there. And people who can show you proof of their results.

Thinking about this does make you question your own blog direction. I write about motivation, encouragement, running a blog whilst working full-time, building an online presence and ultimately getting to where you want to be.

Where's my expertise on these topics?

I don't know. But all I can do is write about what I love and what I know to help you. Any advice I give is based on me and my opinions, which have come about through my own experiences. The way I've made it to where I want to be and how I'm continuing to grow might work for you, but it might not. Either way, A Branch of Holly is not a place to tell you how to do something. It's here to generate conversation about it.

I wandered down the expert route at one point, but I stopped and found my own path. I would never consider myself an expert just to grow my blog. I write about these topics because I have experience in them and I've succeeded in them. I'm confident with what I write about. I hope sharing my experiences helps and inspires others. Ultimately, that's all any of us want to achieve.


What are your opinions on this topic? Are you tired of reading all the same advice posts? What would you like to see in blogging today? Leave a comment below - I'd love to know your thoughts


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