The Friday Files: 10 Things To Do When You're Waiting To Hear About A Job

So I know you're expecting a Weekend Reading post today. But I've been having a little think about it and I've decided to scratch it - I share so much great content on Twitter that it just doesn't make sense for me to share it here too. Instead, I thought it would be interesting to pick a sort of theme from my week and turn it into a top ten post. Sound good? Well here's the first one!

10 Things To Do When You're Waiting To Hear About A Job

This week, I've been waiting to hear whether I'm going to be shortlisted for my dream job - I should (hopefully crossing all my fingers). I'm currently in the temporary role, but because it's temporary I had to apply for the permanent post. So it's safe to say that while I've been working my butt off, my brain has also been ticking away, wondering when I'll find out if I'm shortlisted for an interview. Are you in this position this week? If you are, here are ten things to do while you're waiting to hear about it.

1. Distract yourself. Once your application is submitted, it's gone. Don't worry yourself thinking what you may or may not have included. Throw yourself back into your life and your hobbies.

2. Carry on powering through in your current job - or if you're applying for your first job, keep submitting applications.

3. Make a brew, because a cup of tea solves everything.

4. Pick up a good book or magazine. Get lost in it as you're going to bed and it will help you sleep.

5. Blog about it.

6. Exercise. For me, exercising really takes my mind off everything. I can focus on my body, my form and my breathing, and not think about anything else.

7. Talk to someone. If it's really eating you up that much, share your feelings about it with your mum/best friend/other half, or even your cat. I'm not gonna' lie, I have conversations with my cat daily.

8. Keep applying for other jobs. I've been there when people have put all their eggs in one basket and failed. Don't make that mistake.

9. Pray. A word to the big man never hurt anyone.

10. Be proud of yourself. Whether you get the job or not or get an interview or not, be proud of yourself. Each step you take is bringing you closer to what you want every time.


What do you do when you're waiting to hear back about a job?


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