[Guest Post] How Blogging Can Change Your Life

How Blogging Can Change Your Life

Happy Monday, friends! Today, I'm really happy to bring you a guest post from Taylor of Taylor Manning Creative, an online marketer and WordPress designer for bloggers, creative and womanpreneurs, on how blogging can change your life. Take it away, Taylor...

If you’re searching for a way to change your life, blogging can be a great way for you to do so.

Now, before I continue, I want to admit that, yes, changing your life is a very broad and bold statement.

It can mean so many things. Our lives are full of a dozen aspects. How can one thing so simple change something so undefined?

Blogging can change your life in many ways. Let’s face it, having a business or brand online can be lonely, confusing and extremely overwhelming.

When you start blogging, you naturally start building a community.

Whether this is on social media, in an email list or just through your blog comments, you will be surprised at the response you receive.

With all of the bloggers out there, you probably don’t see a reason why anyone would find a reason to read your content, but I promise you, if you start writing about your passions right now, you will start building a community within a few posts.

After a month of blogging, I had people asking to be my client, based just on what they read on my blog.

I had people leaving the nicest comments on my blog and messaging me on social media just to connect.

Like I said before, being in business can be tough. Often times, entrepreneurs are alone a lot of the time and we are pushing out a ton of creative ideas every single day.

And quite frankly, we talk to ourselves a lot too.

Building a community from my blog has helped me connect with people on both a business and a personal level. I now have new, higher quality clients and friends that can relate to my business life.

Blogging helps you release your creativity, how you want to release it. 

What I loved about blogging when I first started, and something I learned from the fabulous Alex Beadon is that blog posts with your personality and your emotion will get a greater response than blogs that are strictly business.

Sure, there is that fine line between personal life and business, especially in marketing.

However, your blog is yours and you make it whatever you want it to be.

I have tons of social media tips and tutorials on my blog but I also have rants and thoughts on everything people are doing wrong in social media.

I also help my clients find how to share their life experiences and turn them into business advice for their audience.

This way of sharing our emotion and experience adds value to our brands and helps us express creatively. 

Your blog and social media is the one thing that is truly your work. 

For two years, I strictly worked for clients as a freelancer. I had no personal work out there only completed client work in my portfolio.

The trust about that is the work I was showcasing wasn’t exactly the work I was very proud of.

If you work with clients at all, you know that they are always right whether you love their ideas or hate them.

I started feeling disappointed in my portfolio and felt that if I wasn’t impressing myself, I couldn’t have the confidence to impress potential clients.

Now that I blog, create my own graphics and PDF’s and have my own social media following and email marketing strategy, I have something I can be completely proud of and call my best work.

I now use my blog, social media and email automation as my portfolio because it is the work I am the most proud of.

Blogging is essential to growing your business.

Through my time blogging for just a few months, my business has grown immensely.

Are you ready to start blogging?

1.   Get your domain and get a simple WordPress website up

2.   Write about the topic you are the most passionate about

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