Back To The Roots #1

When you're asked the question, why did you start blogging, many of us usually have the same answer - we started because it was a way to document our lives and everything that inspires us. It seems that's changed lately.

Ever since I announced earlier this week that I was bringing more personality back to this online space, you've all been so supportive. I've even had emails and messages from you, and when I've been reading them, I've noticed one thing in particular.

You all feel like your favourite blogs are lacking personality

I completely get where you're coming from, which is why I made a change. I'm taking ABOH back to its roots - and that's where this new series comes in. 

Back To The Roots will be posted every Sunday as a way to review the week, detail what's inspired me and will also act as a way for us all to have a good old chat! It won't be a way to write what's happened to me this week - it's going to be where I pick out highlights of the past 7 days and what I've learnt from them. 

I hope you enjoy the new series - feel free to leave a comment, I always love to read them :)

Back To The Roots #1

#1 being super super busy

Everything happens at once, doesn't it? Lately I've felt really challenged with managing my time and prioritising tasks, because there is so much going on. A new job, a new blog direction, freelance gigs, guest posting opportunities - a lot of exciting things are taking place behind-the-scenes! A few months ago, I would've felt overwhelmed by this in a bad way. But now, I feel so ready for it. It's tough, obviously. But this all feels really right, whereas it felt differently when I was trying to build my own business. It's funny how things happen, isn't it?

#2 going on dates

I mentioned in yesterday's post how my mum and I have started going on dates on Saturday afternoons. My mum used to spend the whole afternoon with my grandma on a Saturday afternoon, so now it's our turn to spend some time together. Yesterday, we went to all the pretty shops for homeware ideas - Matalan, Dunelm Mill, Next and HomeSense. There are some gorgeous little trinkets around! We ended up kitting out the bathroom from Dunelm Mill, so I'll be sure to show you our selection.

#3 making plans

I truly believe that whatever you're going through at a given time, having something to look forward to makes it a hell of a lot easier. It could be a break up, a tough time at work, a tough time finding work or a loss in your family. Whatever it is, making plans gives you something to look forward to. The first thing my mum and dad did when we lost my grandma was book two holidays - one at Christmas and one for the bank holiday next weekend. It might sound silly going on holiday, but we knew we all needed to get away from everything and just be together. It's giving us all something to look forward to when sometimes, sad or difficult situations crop up. 

So if you're feeling like you need a pick me up, plan something! It could be anything from visiting a new city, going to see a show or just planning to go our for dinner with your friends or other half. Then, whenever you start to feel blue, you can think of that and smile again,


Do you make plans for things to look forward to? Do you like being super busy? Let me know in the comments!


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