5 Things: Christmas Eve Traditions

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring...

Apart from my bunnies bounding around and Maisy rolling about on the floor...


As if it's Christmas this week. This week! Wow. These last few months have been such a whirlwind that it seems to have appeared in no time. Usually, the days leading up to Christmas seem slow, but this year they won't, because we're so busy. We're getting everything ready today for going away on Wednesday, I'm getting my nails done tomorrow and then we'll be heading up to the Lakes. Do you always find that you're really busy in the lead up to Christmas?

Anyway, carrying on with the little festive series I've got planned, today it's all about Christmas Eve traditions!

I find that Christmas Eve is always so different when you've got a full-time job. Most people working 9-5 have to actually plan their holidays so they can take Christmas Eve off. I'm lucky now that I work in the education sector that I get this time off. Last year I had to work it and wasn't allowed to take it off! When you're at school or uni, you can really get into the festive spirit early. But when you're working it's a different feeling.

So for those of you who might be working over the festive season, this is for you. I hope this list of Christmas Eve traditions will get you feeling festive in no time!

Christmas Eve Traditions

Visiting Family

Even though we see family over the festive season, we always visit everyone on Christmas Eve too. Although we won't be doing this this year, because we're away for Christmas! Really, family is what Christmas is all about. It's for being together and spending time together.

I spoke last week about setting boundaries over Christmas and detaching ourselves from the online world for a while. This is so important. Christmas changes each year. I bet there are many of you reading this where something has changed in your life since this time last year; whether it's the loss of a family member, a change in career or a tough time your friend is going through. Be with the people you love this time of year.

Reindeer Dust

So I took part in a Twitter chat the other week about traditions and we were all sharing the unique traditions our families have. You know there's always that one thing you do every Christmas that's just for you and your family? That's what reindeer dust is for us.

It started when we were little and funnily, we've carried it on. Every Christmas Eve when we're ready to settle down for the night, we sprinkle reindeer dust all over the driveway. It used to be a sign so Santa knew where to land his sleigh! Now, we just love the way it glitters and it's become such a good tradition that we've just carried it on year after year.

A Christmas Film

Without fail, Christmas Eve = a Christmas film. It's just common sense, right? We never agree on what to put on, but even so - we still all sit down as a family with drinks and nibbles to watch it. Sometimes, we might watch one that's on TV. Otherwise, it'll be The Muppets Christmas Carol or The Polar Express. One of the best things about the festive season is definitely what's on TV. Have you picked up your Radio Times yet?

Clean PJs

This must've started when we were little and I can't remember a year that we haven't done this. Please tell me you all wear fresh PJs on Christmas Eve! I usually pick the best set I've got too. This year, it'll be some black and tan spotty ones with pink details, or my warm checked oversized night shirt and leggings. Next year, I might actually invest in some Christmas themed PJs! 

Mum & Dad Getting Everything Ready

One of my favourite things to look back on from Christmas as a child is the time when we were all ready to go to bed. Mum would tell Dad to take my brother and I upstairs and he'd have a laugh with us to keep us distracted! Back then, we were oblivious. Now we're both in our 20s, we know it was because Mum was getting everything ready for Christmas morning!

But even today, we still have the same routine. I truly think there's still a little belief in each and every one of us. We believed so hard in that as children that it never really goes away. Even if there's just a glimmer, like 1%, it's there. It's not something you can see or recognise. But more something you can feel.

So every Christmas Eve, when we're all ready for bed, me, my Dad and my brother all go upstairs while Mum potters around downstairs and comes up herself. The special thing about this is thinking how I'm going to pass it down to my own family.


Then it's just about waiting until Christmas Day. The one last tradition I have on Christmas Eve is going to sleep before midnight. I don't like being awake for it to become Christmas Day. I'm a bit odd like that! I just like going to sleep on Christmas Even and waking up knowing it's Christmas Day.

That's when the next round of traditions start....


Now it's your turn - what are your traditions on Christmas Eve? Let me know in the comments!

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