Behind-the-Scenes: My Blog & Life Goals for December 2015

You guys... IT'S ALMOST DECEMBER. 2016 is actually going to be here before we know and I for one, can't believe it. It's been a whirlwind of a year with three job changes and a whole lot of new direction on this blog. 

But now I finally feel like I'm in the right place at this moment. My career has taken off and I've got big things planned for ABOH next year so watch this space!

I also wanted to take this chance to say thank you so much to all of you that have taken part in my Reader Survey. It's going to be open until the end of the year so I'd really appreciate your feedback if you haven't filled it in already!

I've been working mega hard over the past few weeks and during my two weeks off in December I'm finally going to create the free download I've been promising you forever. My social media eBook! I'm SO excited and I hope you are too. 

Setting goals at the start of the month is a great way to align my work with the things in life that matter to me the most. Plus, sharing them with you motivates me even more to complete them, and I love reading about the goals you set for yourself too. Today, we're diving into how I got on in November as well as the goals I'll be working towards during December.

Behind-the-Scenes: My Blog & Life Goals for December 2015

How I Got On In November

1. Start Doing a Weekly Periscope - partially done - I'm so thrilled that I finally got over my fear and started doing Periscopes. I've been absolutely loving it so far. It fits in so well as a part of the #BloggingBreakthrough series. You can catch up with all my recent scopes here.

2. Finally Get a Macbook Pro - done!!!! - There are loads of exclamation marks right there because I am SO excited. Investing in a Macbook Pro has been on my list for months. So since I finally got the brilliant job I've been waiting for, I saved up and took the plunge. It's one of the best things I've done for myself and I love creating things on it for you!

3. Sort My Nails Out - done - They're still breaking, but they're looking a lot better. I've realised that when I paint them, they stay in better condition. So I'm making an effort to sit down and really give them a good paint every Sunday night. If you're with me on Instagram, you'll have seen I've been rocking a silver colour recently, since I've been feeling festive!

4. Do as Much of My Room as I Can - not done - Not gonna' lie, I've not done anything to my room this month. The truth is, there have been other things that have taken priority and this had to slip down the list. I've had a guest lecture and workshop to prepare for which I did last week and it went so well! But now I've got more time, I can make more of an effort to get this done next month.


So November was quite the month for me! What with this blog, planning and learning my guest lecture and workshop, and a lot of evening events at work, it's been pretty much non stop. Thankfully, December is looking to be a lot calmer and definitely more festive! So what about this month? Well...


December Goals

1. Write my Opt-In Freebie - Yep guys, this is it. I'm setting myself a deadline of January 2016 to get this thing out in the world to you all. This is going to be for when you sign up to my email list - this little baby is what you're going to get in return! I know it's going to be a game-changer for so many of you, and I know how much you're going to benefit from it. I'm so excited to create this!

P.S. It's social media related...

2. Make Blog-Related Plans for 2016 - It's about that time again, right? Time for me to sit down and make a huge list of everything I want to do, create and achieve for the A Branch of Holly brand in 2016. Now I've got my direction completely sorted, this year I can really start bringing things to life even more. I'm going to dedicate a day to planning and I already can't wait!

3. Sort My Room Out! - I know I sound like a broken record. Hopefully, this is the last time this goal will be featured on here! Now I've got more time, I can really make an effort to ticking this goal off once and for good. To join in with this behind-the-scenes I'm going to be snapchatting along the way. You can find me on there at abranchofholly.

4. Make an Intentional Effort to be Present During the Festive Season - This Christmas is going to be very different for us. It's the first Christmas without my Grandma and Granddad. My Granddad passed away in 2009, so we still always had my Grandma on Christmas Day. But since she passed in July, this is the first one without both of them. It's going to be strange. And to help us with the change, this is also the first year we're not spending Christmas at home.

On December 23rd until the 27th, my mum, dad, brother and I are heading up to the Lake District to spend our festive season there, and Tom will be joining us on Christmas Day night. This gives us time to be together and to start a new chapter in our lives during this festive season. So I want to be as present as I can during this time.


I really am looking forward to this month. Especially with all the Christmassy goodness!


Thanks for reading, friends. Now, what about you? What are your goals for the last month of 2015? Let me know in the comments and let's support each other along the way!

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