16 Reasons Why It's Pretty Amazing To Be A Blogger Right Now

Bloggers - we're in a league of our own aren't we? But one thing we all know is how much the blogosphere has changed over the years. 

I think it's more awesome to be a blogger today than ever before. So to celebrate my two years of blogging (and your own blogging journey so far), here's why it's pretty amazing to be a blogger right now.

16 Reasons Why It's Pretty Amazing To Be A Blogger Right Now

 Your Blog Is Great for Your CV & Linkedin Profile

Putting Your Blog on LinkedIn

Yep, your site will shine like a star when you next go for a job interview. How many different careers do you think blogging relates to?

The answer is a lot.

Running your blog alongside your day job is very admirable. It doesn’t matter if you only post once a week or once a month – if you can show consistency and interaction, you’re onto a winner.

I’ve been asked about my blog in every job interview I’ve had and it’s played a huge part in getting me to where I am today. Getting a job is very competitive. Set yourself apart with a blog and give yourself something completely unique to talk about.

There Are so Many Different Ways to Blog

Years ago, blogging just used to be through the form of words. We were quite limited with what we could produce.

Now, the possibilities are endless.

You can tell a story through images, tweets, long videos, Periscopes, podcasts and loads more. As a blogger today, you have the opportunity to do something different. You don’t have to feel restricted to publishing content every day. Switch it up and try new things! There’s never been a better time to experiment.

A great example is Jen’s Make It Happen podcast.

Jen's Make It Happen Podcast

There’s Always Someone to Talk To

We all know that blogging doesn’t just come down to what we publish. It’s about our social media community and our email lists, which means there are so many people to talk to.

No matter what time of day or night, someone will always be on Twitter. This platform is meant for communication, which is exactly why people join it! You can go on there and talk about anything to anyone. That’s how friendships start – and you never know where those might lead to.

The blogging twitter community

New Readers Are Always Amazing

If you work hard, put the effort in and build your blog and online presence in the way you want to, new readers will always find you. And if they’re interested in what you have to say they’ll let you know. It’s like a chain reaction.

The two lovely new readers in this comment found ABOH through a link to a post someone shared on twitter. It’s that simple.

Blog Comments

Look how detailed those comments are! It’s incredible. There is nothing more fulfilling than having a good conversation with your reader. It’s one of the best parts of being a blogger.

Bloggers Have Official Items

Like macaroons, peonies, washi tape and a mug with the first letter of your name on. And some Jo Malone.

If you see someone in a restaurant taking a picture of their meal before they eat it – they’re a blogger. If you see someone taking a selfie of themselves at an exciting building or place – they’re a blogger. If you see someone buying all the accessories or all the stationary – they’re a blogger.

But it’s fine, because everything we own just looks so pretty!

You’ll Get A Digital Diary

Just think how much of your life you’re going to have to look back on. 

As a blogger, you’re documenting everything. But not just what you do from day to day – it's also your likes, your dislikes, your hobbies, your memories, your thoughts, your interests. From month to month, your whole life gets documented. No one but a blogger gets that satisfaction.

You’ve Always Got an Excuse to Dress up and Visit Somewhere New


Running out of content ideas? Why not visit somewhere new and talk about it? Plus, you’ll be taking pictures of yourself so you’ll have to dress up!

Fill your life – fill your blog. It’s that simple. That is unique content. It makes you authentic, honest and relatable, which is so important in blogging right now.

You get to use cool lingo like “flat lay” and “blinking”

Blinking is an actual thing in the blogging world. Google it to find out what it is! We get access to all the lingo regular people just won’t understand. Running a blog is much more than saying “I blog”, as lots of people ask me – “do you still blog?”

You do so much more than that.

So the next time you’re talking to someone who thinks blogging is silly or pointless, throw some lingo at them to help explain why it’s one of the best damn things ever.

We’re all actively encouraged to have our own mind

Every single person who has a blog on the World Wide Web is an individual person with their own mind. How boring would it be if all bloggers thought the same way?


The point of your blog is that you get to express things as yourself. You can blog about the same topic as three other people, but it’s going to sound completely unique coming from your mind.

You’ll Learn So Much in Such a Short Space of Time

How much have you taught yourself as a blogger? I bet the answer is a hell of a lot. Social media, images, HTML, design, photography – there’s something in every single area that you’ll be able to say your learnt yourself.

Remember, the people who now teach these things started out as we did. They’re teaching from their own experiences. So who’s to say that won’t be you in the future?

Blogger meet ups happen all the time

How awesome is it that the people you speak to online, you could actually end up meeting! There are meet-ups and conferences across the country (and other countries too) at loads of different times of the year. If you get a chance to go to one, you better get your bum there!

You’ll be the most computer literate person you know (unless you’ve got a blogger friend)

You’re probably going to spend a pretty large chunk of your week on a computer – it comes with the job, right? But you’ll know all the shortcuts and will be a complete whizz kid. Just don’t give all your secrets away.

It’s totally Ok for you to be yourself

In fact, you’re encouraged to do so. Blogging gives you a place to be your true self. We are defining the new “normal”. Society won’t shun us. Our generation celebrates everyone no matter how unique that might be. Blogging is a cheerleader for that.

You Can Use Your Happiness to Make Decisions

If you’re not happy with something on your blog, you can change it. Don’t do something because everyone else is doing it if it doesn’t make you happy. Base the decisions you make for your blog on what makes you happy and what you enjoy. 

You Can Get New Stationary Whenever You Want


Blogging means planning, and planning means pretty notebooks and pens! The notebook in Jaye’s picture is from Fox and Star which is a current favourite around bloggers right now. You’re not just restricted to Waterstones and Paperchase – gorgeous stationary shops are popping up all over the place. Ask around on Twitter and Instagram when you see something you like.

There’s a Feeling That Bloggers Are Together

We’re united. When someone does something mean to a fellow blogger, people know about it. Word spreads. We’re a community of strong, passionate and talented people.

Actually, one of the best communities there is.


Why do you think it's amazing to be a blogger right now?


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