Six Signs You Should Quit Your Job

Does your job make you unhappy? Are you constantly complaining about it? Do you always feel stressed? If you can answer yes to one or more of these questions, it might be a sign that you need to find a new job. But how do you know when you see a sign? Some people are more aware than others when they need to quit their job. Others need to have it spelt out to them. So how will you know when to move on? I've done some research and picked out the top six signs that mean you should quit your job. Pay attention to them. They can be really helpful as your grow in your career.

You Hate Your Boss

In all the research I did, this appeared in every article. A bad boss can be a bully. They can make your time at work unhappy, and that should never happen. You can do all you can to create a good relationship with your boss.

You can even try changing their impression of you, which I wrote about recently.

If you can talk to them about the situation, that’s great. But sometimes, these issues aren't fixable. Especially if they’re in complete denial about it. If how your boss treats you is affecting your self-confidence and happiness, it isn't worth putting up with. Why should you have to deal with someone like that? You should never be made to feel inadequate or inferior to your boss. They are there to help you grow in your career. Not to keep you stagnant.

Your Skills Aren't Being Used

Say your skills are SEO, keyword research and writing. Or design, illustration and creation. Yet you’re being given tedious admin tasks to do. Someone has obviously not realised your full potential or talent. There is no point in wasting your time at a company that doesn't value your skills. As a worker, you have a right for your work to be acknowledged, and you should be respected. If not, there will be another business out there that will let you thrive.

You may also decide that you are actually overqualified for your job. Maybe your skills are too advanced for the role you are in. If this is the case, you could try firstly to see if there is an opportunity for growth in the company. If there isn't, there is a better place out there for you.

You Don’t Fit Into The Culture Of Your Company

This is becoming more and more prominent in businesses – the importance of culture. In my last interview for the job I’m moving to next week, I had two main interviewers. One was the Head of Digital Marketing. The other was a person from the Talent section of the HR department. This was because they were hiring me for two main reasons. These were my skills and whether I would be a “culture fit”. If it’s been six months and you feel like an outcast, then something needs to change.

It could also be the case that you believe you have ethical or moral differences. This could be anything from cultural differences, work ethic and other office clashes. It’s a situation that can be uncomfortable. Especially when you feel the company should be managed in a different way. If you don’t think it’s going to change, it might be time for you to look for another job.

Your Personal Relationships Are Suffering

Ah, here we go with the most horrid word in the dictionary: balance.

Does it even exist? Putting in long hours can be rewarding in some respects. But if you feel as if you’re being defined by your job, something needs to change. You don’t want work to take over so much that you are spending less time with your family and friends. Question yourself whether it’s worth it. Your job is not your life and it isn't everything. There’s a big difference in making a living, and actually living.

Your Company Is Sinking

You might have seen all your colleagues be made redundant. Or you might be aware of the other financial difficulties of the company. If you feel uneasy in how long the company will stay standing, get out while you have the chance. There’s no point going down with a sinking ship when you can find something better.

You’re Constantly Stressed, Negative & Unhappy

We all have bad days. It’s part of life. But if you have more bad days than good, something needs to change. If you dread going to work in the morning or you feel like you've completely lost your spark, please don’t stay in your job. Nothing is worth working hard for if you’re losing who you are. Do you look at your day and think “I’m looking forward to it” or “I need to survive it”? If it’s the latter you deserve better.

If it gets to the point where your health is being affected and you’re experiencing anxiety attacks or regular illnesses, you should definitely consider other options. No job is worth risking your health for. Plus, the stress you feel at work could be brought home to your family, which could affect your personal relationships. When I worked in Stockport, it used to take me around two or two and a half hours to get home. One night, I left at 5pm and got home at 8:30. What was supposed to be a 50 minute journey turned into something much more. And during the process, it changed me as a person. So much so that my partner, Tom, told me I needed to find another job. When your job starts doing this to you, it’s time to get out. No excuses.

During my research, I came across not six but eighteen different signs that you should quit your job. I picked out the most important points. But I've included the full list for you here. 

My best advice would be that if you find more than one of these applies to you, get out immediately. You’ll only be doing yourself a favour.

  • You’re not learning
  • The passion has gone
  • Your skills aren't being used
  • You don’t like the work
  • You don’t fit into the culture of your company
  • You hate your boss or colleagues
  • Your health is being affected
  • Your personal relationships are suffering 
  • There’s no room for you to climb the ladder
  • Your duties have increased but your pay hasn't
  • You want to do something else
  • You’re miserable every morning
  • Your company is sinking
  • You're constantly stressed, negative or unhappy at work
  • Your work performance is suffering
  • Your ideas aren't being heard
  • You’re experiencing abuse
  • You’re not you

If I could tell you anything it would be to consider your options. Evaluate what went well in this job and what didn’t go well. Create a game plan and pick yourself back up. There are better things out there for you.


I'd love to know, what are the signs you look for when you think about quitting a job?

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