14 Posts You Need To Read This Month

Let me just start off by saying, I have saved a lot of blog posts this month. Many of these I've tweeted about throughout this month, because they've just been too good to save for this one piece of content. But today, I've collected them all in one place for you. Some of them you'll probably have already read, but some you won't. So make a brew, get some biscuits, sit back and get ready to immerse yourself in the written word for a while.

1. Make Mondays Work For You by Ember & March

If you feel your weeks don't go to plan or you simply want to be more productive, this post includes some great tips for how you can organise your Monday so it sets you up for the week. I've been trying out these tips over the past couple of weeks and I've seen a difference already.

2.  Love Your Life: Stop Putting Up With Bullshit by Wonder Forest

A true feel-good post for when you've had a bad day. Dana speaks realistically about how you don't just have to deal with things and how in life, we should all be equal.

3. SEO Made Simple by Elle & Company

If you always hear the word SEO being thrown around here, there and everywhere, but you're unsure about what it means, this is the post for you. Trust me.

4. DIY Marble Magazine File by Nouvelle Daily

I love marble. I love magazines. I love being organised. So why wouldn't I make this amazing, easy peasy folder?

5. Pressing Re-Set by Bless The Weather

A true, emotional story that this woman was very brave to share. Having openness like that is a true gift.

6. My Morning Routine - What I Do & Why I Do It by Smart Twenties

Going through your morning routine in this much detail really helps you identify what you do and don't have time for. She also prompted me to start the 5 minute journal, which I'm loving.

7. Vintage Fur by Wanderdust

I've already raved about this blogger's outfit on Twitter earlier this month, but hell, I'll rave about it again. Fur, jeans and heels - the perfect trio.

8. 50 Positive Affirmations For Goal-Getters by Nourish

Out of all the people I know online, Rachel is one of the nicest. The content she publishes is my favourite to read and she's a big inspiration. Keep this post bookmarked, and on a bad day go back to it. You'll feel like you can tackle anything.

9. An Update, Part 2 by Corals and Cognacs

This is a recent addition to my Bloglovin' feed and a well-deserved one. This story inspired me like I've never been inspired before.

10. What Do You Actually Do? by Tea In Your Twenties

In this post, like every post she publishes, Stephie lets you in on her life. I'm a big believer in having high expectations and following your dreams, which is exactly what she talks about here.

11. A Few Things I've Learnt by The Holly Days

When I read this post, I commented on it immediately. Sometimes in the online world, I think we can be afraid to talk about some things. But Holly just goes to prove that we shouldn't be afraid - we can make our voices heard and gain a huge amount of love and respect.

12. How To Include Keywords Without 'Keyword Stuffing' by Cat Crawford

Ah keywords and keyword stuffing - two phrases I use on a regular basis in my day to day job. Cat has managed to explain it in a few concise points and it's well worth a read if you want to find out more about this topic.

13. Let's Stop Glorifying Busy by Kory Woodard

I think this was the first post I read this morning and it really opened my eyes. Life is not just about work. For me, it's not even the most important part of my life. So I'm making more of an effort to focus on other parts such as my family and my health.

14. Career Tips: Managing Your Work Load by Media Marmalade

It's safe to say I'm quite swamped at work currently. This post was the perfect thing I needed to read at the start of one working day. They're tips you can practice and tips that will make a difference.


What blogs or content have you enjoyed reading this month?

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