Printables are some of the most pinned things on Pinterest.

21 Amazing Printables that will help you plan your life

The more visually appealing and informative the graphic for your printable is, the more shareable it will be. People can use them on social media, print them as many times as they want to use forever or download them as desktop wallpaper - just think about how visible that would make your brand.

So whether you want to take your printables to the next level, you're thinking about creating your own or you simply want to start organising your life more, here are some of the best picks from the web - some of which I've used myself and absolutely adore.


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#1 | Blank To-Do

This to-do list from Girly Planners is the perfect version of simplicity. For all the minimalists out there who want freedom when it comes to creating your own schedules and to-do's, this is for you.

21 printables that will help you plan your life

#2 | Today's Plan

Representations of printables are always so much more appealing online when there's an example filled in. This plan of action includes everything you could possibly want from a daily to-do list. A motivational quote, appointments, priorities, food log - it's like a bullet journal but on a single piece of paper. Amazing, and definitely the next one I want to try.

21 Amazing Printables That Will Hep You Plan Your Life

#3 | Daily Planner

This daily planner is like the middle man between the previous two. It let's you plan your day by the hour and note down anything important you need to get done like urgent emails and places to go. It's created by Erin Rippy and is actually part of The Harmonized House Project, which is a whole collection free for you to download.

21 amazing printable that will help you plan your life

#4 | Annual Calendar

So I know that we're nearly halfway into 2016, but that doesn't mean you can't start using a calendar! This will give you lots of space to get everything down on paper so you can visualise every step you want to take. It's for the people that want everything to be in one place. Each day gives you room to write down your schedule, your priorities, any notes you need to make and a motivational quote.

21 amazing printables that will help you plan your life

#5 | Important Dates

For when you get that birthday, event or appointment - this is the printable for you. Pin it up somewhere noticeable so you can look at it everyday. You'll never miss anything ever again!

21 amazing printables that will help you plan your life

#6 | Weekly Meal Plan & Grocery List

What's fab about this weekly meal plan is that it's got everything in one. Your meal planner, food log and grocery list. It's also got room  for you to keep track of all your daily servings and the grocery list is set up into different categories which is super helpful. I also love the bright colours.

21 amazing printables that will help you plan your life

#7 | Weekly Menu

A simple design and bold colours makes this a great printable for people who want a more paired-back approach to meal planning. It gives you enough room to note down your plans for all your meals throughout the day - including snacks! And writing in pencil is a great idea, just incase anything changes.

21 amazing printables that will help you plan your life

#8 | Fitness Tracker

This isn't the only printable on Abby's site, but it's definitely my favourite. To keep up with your health and fitness regime, noting everything down is a great way to hold yourself accountable. You've got space to note down the workout you did and how long you exercised for, along with all your meals and water intake. Plus, the faded pastel colours are so lovely.

21 amazing printables that will help you plan your life

#9 | Financial Planner

Everything you could want to monitor for your financials is in this planner. The beauty is that you can use as many as you want - one or all of them. It completely depends on how organised you want to be with your finances and where you want to keep your information. For me, the monthly budget sheet would be my first go-to!

21 amazing printables that will help you plan your life

#10 | Goals List

Julie Ann Art designs some of my favourite cards and printables. (Plus, if you follow her on Snapchat you'll see she has the CUTEST dog). We all love writing goals down and it helps a lot of us hold ourselves accountable. This will help you get clear on what you want to achieve and how you're going to achieve it.

21 printables that will help you plan your life

#11 | Bookmarks

I don't know about you, but I've been folding pages in books and magazines for as long as I can remember, wanting to save an article or a favourite quote. Bookmarks are a much better option! These are beautifully designed and oh so cute. You could print as many as you want.

21 amazing printables that will help you plan your life

#12 | Cleaning planner

There's so much to do when it comes to keeping your home clean and tidy, but unfortunately, it's one of those things that can really get on top of us. Enter a master cleaning list! This gives you all the tasks you can do on a daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual and annual basis. I bet some of them you didn't even think of - I know I didn't!

21 amazing printables that will help you plan your life

#13 | Recipe Cards

The idea of a recipe box is so useful, and these are the perfect cards to go inside it. I've got links on Pinterest of so many different recipes and I bet you have too. Wouldn't it be great to have them all in one place in an easy to access box? Then you can put all your recipe cards in category order! Nothing beats a handwritten recipe.

21 amazing printables that will help you plan your life

#14 | Recipe Binder

If you don't fancy a box, why not try a recipe folder? This is another great way to organise all your recipes. You can simply print them off or write them out and pop them into the relevant category. Simple.

21 amazing printables that will help you plan your life

#15 | Pantry Labels

Out of all the printables I found whilst researching this post, these are my ultimate favourite. We've all been there looking for the ingredients to a recipe and being unable to find them. Sorting everything out into their own containers and labelling them will save you so much time. Plus, they're so pretty.

21 printables that will help you plan your life

#16 | Packing List

It's getting to the time when a lot of people are jetting off to different places across the world and that involves packing! Many of us try to write our own packing list but this has everything you need. It's even got little boxes so you can tick off items as you go.

21 amazing printables that will help you plan you life

#17 | Motivational Prints

Do you ever look in your planner or sit at your desk and struggle to find motivation? We've all been there. So if you need some encouragement during the day, these motivational prints are perfect. Your can print them off to put in your planner or on your wall and use as inspiration whenever you need it.

21 amazing printables that will help you plan your life

#18 | Wall Art

Chicfetti's prints are wonderful. I love wall art and there are so many different things you could do with these. Your office, your bathroom, your bedroom - the possibilities are endless.

21 amazing printables that will help you plan your life

#19 | Gift Tags

Wrapping paper I've got enough of, but gift tags? I never seem to have any. These from Dawn Nicole Designs are amazing. You can stick them straight on a gift or punch a hole in the top and tie it on with string. Either way, there are so many to choose from, you'll never be short of gift tags again!

21 amazing printables that will help you plan your life

#20 | Gift List

I know we're thinking quite far ahead in advance but just roll with me. This printable includes everything you need to think about when you're gift shopping. Ideas, where to buy, what your budget is going to be, whether you've wrapped it - your festive season will never be disorganised again!

21 Amazing Printables That Will Help You Plan Your Life

#21 | Password Keeper

For when you don't know which password is for where and you can't remember if your username ends in a number 1 or number 2 - this printable is for you. Never lose any of your important login details again - just remember to keep it somewhere safe!

21 amazing printables that will help you plan your life

a final note

You can organise your entire life with printables. Keep these in mind next time you're making plans or trying to get organised, and you'll be well on your way to being productive, staying motivated, saving time and enjoying your life.


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What printables do you use to help keep you organised? Let me know your favourite one in this list in the comments!

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