Seven for Sunday (+ a Special Launch!)

Seven for Sunday

Boy was I glad for this weekend! I'm not one for wishing my time away, but I really needed a break by the end of the working week. I've been doing two or three evenings a week for the past month or so and it's not slowing down any time soon - but I've started to see it affecting me. 

My skin isn't as bright as usual, I'm getting more breakouts, I'm more tired than I usually am and my mood hasn't been the best either at times. So this weekend was spent taking a break before it all got on top of me - and preparing for the Blogging Breakthrough eBook launch which is tomorrow!

This is the first post in my Seven for Sunday series of 2016 and I always love rounding the week off this way!

a branch of holly

There's nothing I love more than fresh bedding. I've got two different sets of this purple style and I love it. Although I am very tempted to paint my walls white...I might just wait for my own house before I do that!

A branch of Holly

Me and Tom want to carry on finding undiscovered places to walk this year. This was one of our first walks of the new year and it turned out to be a beautiful winter's day.

a branch of holly

The #BloggingBreakthrough challenge finished at the end of January, so for the last week I've been putting it altogether into an eBook! It's been hard work but I'm just making the finishing touches today. I can't wait to let you see it all tomorrow!

P.S - did I mention it'll be free? ;)

a branch of holly

I've been working on a more intentional wardrobe this year. I got some gorgeous pieces for Christmas (thanks mum!) and a couple of weeks ago, I picked up a few more including this beautiful light grey cardigan. It's long - it must come down to the back of my knees - and it's one of the cosiest things I own!

My love for magazines is still strong - although I'm actually so bad at reading them. I'm subscribed to Elle, but I must have almost a year's worth of issues to read. I'm vowing to put more effort into making time to read them this year. I'm also eyeing up a subscription to Women's Health...

I couldn't have the first edition of Seven for Sunday without a picture of Maisy now, could I?

This little monkey is a handful, but she makes all our days a lot brighter. She's the most mischeavous kitty I know. Whatever time of the day you're reading this, I can guarantee that she'll be in a very playful mood!


What have been some of the highlights of your week? 

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Official Launch – Get Your Hands on the Blogging Breakthrough Ebook!

Official Launch – Get Your Hands on the Blogging Breakthrough Ebook!

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