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Maybe all the resources in the world won't give you the one thing you really need - more time! Creating content can take up a lot of time when it comes to managing your online presence. This is how I can help:

  • Editing, formatting and scheduling blog posts within your website.
  • Writing, sourcing and scheduling content to your various social media platforms.
  • Editing, uploading and formatting videos for YouTube.
  • Creating and writing content upgrades or opt-in incentives.
  • Editing, formatting and scheduling email newsletters.

Standard rates start from £30/hour.


I know you feel like video editing takes forever to do. Thankfully for you, I love it. Here's what you get for one video (cost=£75). We can also chat about a monthly package:

  • One video for use on YouTube, Facebook and your website, plus one teaser for social sharing.
  • Any guidelines from you along with my own editorial decisions about your content to make your content look professional.
  • Professional editing to remove any errors, mistakes or long pauses.
  • Adding in your intro, outro, graphics and music.
  • One round of revisions.
  • Uploading to the place of your choice (including the creation of the description), embedding into a blog post (if applicable) and scheduling social content to promote the video.
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Ever though about outsourcing your writing? With me you wouldn't have to worry - I'm a multi-award-winning blogger, who is an efficient and skilled writer. When it comes to knowing how to write blog posts that make an impact, I know what to do.

Your blog is the most important marketing tool you have at your disposal. Thanks to all the content and competition, it s become even more challenging to create content. I can create in-depth, actionable and valuable articles that your audience will read, love and share.

Standard content writing rates start from £50 for every 500 words.

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a branch of holly blog coaching services


Often times, business owners and bloggers implement so many strategies, but they don't know which ones are actually working. Analysing your performance is key to fulfilling your potential and gaining success. Not sure how to go about it? I can help with that too!

I will provide you with weekly and monthly reports using a special reporting tool, which will include all your key website and social metrics. I will then provide a plan of action for moving forward.

Standard rates start from £30/hour.


Blogging - its hard work, right? Especially with all the advice out there, all the ideas you have and all the things you need to do. You're unsure of your direction. You don't know what to do next. You don't know what strategies actually work. Friend, I've been there. And I want to help you. Take a look at these packages:

  • The Blogger's Review - Full review of your website + social platforms to help you have the confidence, drive and self-belief to take positive steps forward. Your investment: £50.
  • The Blogger's Favourite - Personal discussion about your purpose and vision, plus actionable goal setting and how to achieve them. Your investment: £100.
  • The Blogger's Strategy - A personalised strategy advising exactly what you need to do to progress your blog + online presence. Choose either one, two, or three months of coaching. Your investment: £150, £200 or £250


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rebecca viner

"Despite being a Virtual Assistant and knowing the value of outsourcing parts of your business, I left it way too long before I did it myself. But after building up a wonderful rapport online with Holly via our mutual love of blogging, I knew she was the perfect person to bring on board. I absolutely wasn't wrong.

Holly has brought to life my social media channels, increasing enquiries, bookings, subscribers, sales, group members and followers. Prior to this, I'd been neglecting them for almost a year and doing the bare minimum to maintain somewhat of an online presence. She truly reignited the community and the brand - I'm forever being complimented on how visible Sparked Passion is online and how valuable, streamlined and authentic our channels are... SO much of that is down to Holly.

Not only this, but Holly has supported me with various client projects from writing to research to social post scheduling, as well as being completely on hand for client support whilst I took a much-needed break. I knew I was leaving my business in safe hands. She exceeds expectations, follows all instructions, delivers to the highest standard and is a delight to work with. I love that she takes the time to really get to know your tone, style and needs, and effortlessly fulfils the scope of work. I am so grateful to have her as part of the Sparked Passion team - she would be an asset to yours too." - Rebecca Viner (Director and Lead VA, Sparked Passion)


"I first read Holly's blog a few years ago when I was completely new to blogging. As her blog has evolved, I really love how she's been honest and transparent about her tips. Some bloggers wouldn't dare of telling you their trade secrets to build a successful blog, but one awesome thing about A Branch of Holly is that nothing is kept off-limits!

Since following her blog religiously and chatting with her online, I've managed to quit my full-time job and start my own freelancing business to run alongside my blog. Her tips and advice have been extremely valuable for me, and I frequently point my readers in her direction if they're looking for tips to take their blog to the next level." - Elise Dopson


"I came across Holly’s Twitter when I was looking to start improving my blog reach. As a blogger who isn’t really that new but has blogged purely in the hobby sense, I knew there was tonnes I had to learn.

Luckily I found A Branch Of Holly as it has helped me improve different areas of my blogging to gain a wider readership. Her blog posts are really easy to follow & there’s so many posts to choose from. Even her tips she tweets come in handy & keep you improving.

I’m expanding my knowledge of behind the scenes blogging from bloggers like herself that are happy to share their expertise. I’m loving her new social media news posts on her blog which keep me up to date with what’s happening & how it can effect my blogging.”- Shelley Busby, ByBubsy