In about six months, I will turn 26 years old. Writing that out feels strange. And stranger still to think that next year I’ll be 27, which is even closer to the big three zero. 2016 was a complete whirlwind and with all the amazing things that happened over the past few weeks, it’s helped me to stop and think about how I really want my life to be.

Life goes so much more quickly than any of us expect. We think we have time to plan and do all the things we want to do - but we never know if this will be cut short at any point. Moving out of my parents home and into my own and getting engaged to Tom really made me stop and think about the other aspects of my life - what do I want? 

I know your career and achievements are important. But if you’re not feeling passionate or inspired, then it’s just not worth it. That’s a lesson I definitely learnt the hard way. So as I’m starting this brand new chapter, I wanted to make a list of what else I really want out of life.

things I'd like to achieve in life


I’ve wanted to write a book for as long as I can remember. Writing has always been a part of who I am. My Grandma and Granddad used to write love letters to each other, my mum has always been really creative and my brother is a complete bookworm.

My ideas for what kind of book I want to write though, have drastically changed. But I’m set on my latest inspiration. So I’m going to DO IT. My mum and dad have always said that they believe I’m capable of whatever I put my mind to because I’m so determined. So let’s see.


Tom and I have always said we don’t want a huge house, which is why we picked the one we’re in now. It’s such a beautiful size, spacious and has just the right amount of room we need. And as we know we’re going to be staying in it for a good while, I’d love for us to completely redecorate the whole thing.

I would love to have a kitchen with wooden worktops and cream cupboard fronts, a living room with wooden floors and comfy grey sofas and a white bathroom with grey and pink accessories. Growing up, I always loved the personal touches my mum added around the house. That’s exactly the kind of thing I want to bring to my home.


I definitely know I want to do this. But I haven’t quite built up the confidence yet (or the savings!) I’d also like to add that I really want to enjoy this holiday and make the most of it. The longest flight I’ve ever done was just shy of three hours so it’s safe to say I’m not the world’s greatest flyer. But I don’t want this to stop me from experiencing other countries and learning about other cultures. I want to be able to say when I’m an old lady that I did my fair share of travelling.


When I was younger, I carried quite a bit of what my mum called “puppy fat”. It took a long time but thankfully, as I grew up, I shed most of it. Now being healthy and exercising is a part of my lifestyle. Not to the extent where I count every single calorie - I still allow myself a biscuit with a cup of tea! But I want to feel strong. I’ve never felt better about my body than I do right now and I know that’s been made possible because of Fitnessblender. Sticking to a routine and following their videos has changed my whole perception of keeping fit. 


I’ve always been good with money. But I also want to enjoy my life. I want to have enough money to keep us afloat, go on good holiday’s and also treat myself when I want to. Like with the huge ASOS haul that’s currently sitting in my basket.


I’ve always been a hoarder, but I love the idea of minimalism. Now I’m older, I appreciate the age old saying of “less is more”. It’s important to purchase things that mean something to you and that you feel passionate about.

Like last weekend, me and my mum went shopping and I desperately needed some black trousers for work. I tried some on in Next and wasn’t sure about them, so didn’t buy them. You’ve got to know it’s the right thing to spend your money on. Owning my own home has taught me this a lot.


I want to read more. SO MUCH MORE. I love getting lost in a story and the magic of relationships with different people and places. I don’t even want to tell you the last time I read a book from cover to cover…


I think the best thing that anyone can do with their time is to be grateful. Since starting a gratitude journal, it has made such a difference to the way I live my life. I want to give back to people. Mainly, my family. My parents have done so much for me and I want to make sure I spend the rest of my life letting them know how much I love and appreciate them.


I spend an awful lot of time worrying and overthinking. Mostly about things that either don’t affect me or that I don’t have enough power to change. I’ve improved a lot as I’ve gotten older but I’m still pretty bad. I want to start working on ways to move past this fear and start focusing on things that ARE important.


I’m not saying I want to inspire an entire generation of people, but I’d love to be known for the work I do right now with my blog. I’d love for people to recommend me to others. I’d love for my book to change someone’s life. I’d love to inspire someone to make a difference. Whatever it is, I want that to be what I’m remembered for. I think all of us want to be remembered in some way. It’s what makes life meaningful.


So that’s my list! Now it’s your turn - tell me in the comments, what one thing would you like to achieve in your life?

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