Have you ever wondered what makes the confident, independent, entrepreneurial women of today so successful?

The truth is that they view life differently to other people - including you and me. This goes for how they live and work, when it comes to their money, and in the way that they give and receive.

So if you want to taste some of the success that these people have achieved, it's actually more possible than you think. Here are some of the mantras successful people live by and how you can easily incorporate them into your own life.

mindsets to help you reach your goals

#1 | They aim big

Successful people always push themselves to achieve big things. They don't like standing still or doing things the same way all the time. They want to do more and be more. They don't shy away from big problems or pass on opportunities just because they look too difficult or it's something they've never done before. 

It's like blogging. A lot of bloggers might think there's no point in trying and no point in creating new content, simply because there's too much noise out there. They think they'll never be found in a sea of so many websites. 

Think big and your outlook will completely change. Think outside the box. Right, so there's loads of beauty bloggers out there. What can you do differently? What can you bring to the table that others can't? This is what an employer will look for in you too. They want people that can come up with solutions as that's what leads to real change.


There was an article on Glamour magazine this time last year, which celebrated “blogger boyfriends.” It was a list of bloggers all saying that they basically couldn’t do what they do without the help of their man.

From taking outfit photos, to waiting until you’ve snapped a meal before they can eat it, your bf really does put up with a lot. But I know there’s no way I could be successful without mine. And that’s the mindset you want to go with.

Don’t feel like you have to do everything by yourself. Two heads are better than one and if you’re surrounded by positive people and great talent, then you’re even more likely to reach your goals.


There’s a difference between jumping into something and calculating what kind of a challenge it’s going to be. It’s nothing new that successful people aren’t afraid to take risks. But what you might not realise is the mindset that they go into these risks with.

When a person takes a risk, they calculate it first. They look at the benefits, the risks and analyse whether it’s going to be worth doing or not.

A perfect example is a big project I’m leading at work right now. It would be one of the biggest things our business has done and would push us right to the forefront of our competitors - those are the benefits. The risks will come in terms of cost and whether it will actually work or not. So we’re having to analyse that right now to see whether it’s going to be worth going down this route or not.


The biggest difference between people who are successful and people who aren’t is the action that is taken. Successful people don’t just sit back and think. They put their thoughts into a plan that they carry out.

When someone asks me to do something, I do it. If you don’t do it, you start to get a bad reputation and people will think they can’t rely on you. That’s why I panic so much when I get behind with my emails.

A mindset that’s going to help you be more successful is that not only can you come up with great ideas and identify opportunities, but you can follow through with the actions too.


Successful people know they’ll never completely be an expert in their field. There’s always more to learn. They want to learn from other people that they admire and transfer that to improving in their own lives and careers.

This is a lesson I’ve always taken with me. It’s like the quote: “The expert in anything was once a beginner.”

Truly successful people work hard and aren’t afraid to learn more. They respect that there will be others out there more knowledgeable than them and they won’t be afraid to ask for help.


You don’t get anywhere by jumping straight into something. It’s like negotiating - that’s only effective when thought through carefully. You can apply this to various aspects of your life. 

Attention to detail always appears as a skill on job descriptions for a reason. In business, it’s key. And as you become more successful, this will only increase as you gain more experience.


You’ve seen the articles about what the most successful people do in the morning and the evening, right? This is all based around routine, and these people will stick to their routines as much as possible. 

Without routine, there’s more stress in your life and that can affect the way you make decisions. Routines don’t just help you start and end your day in the right way. They can also help you become more successful.


Entrepreneurs can live a very lonely lifestyle - it’s one of the things people are always warned about. But this makes them want to create even better relationships. They want to build trust and loyalty with certain people and if these relationships are successful, they’ll make sure to nurture them.

Collaboration is lacking in the blogging world right now but it should be embraced. Think how much more success you would have if you worked on a project with someone else!


They ignore negativity. They ignore people who are arrogant. Successful people want to be around similar people and that’s how they thrive. 

Having a group of people like that will help you build more meaningful relationships which will in turn lead you towards more success.


The most special thing about successful people is the mindset they have about their audience. It’s like they’re saying, I know you. I feel you. I’ve been where you are. If you can put yourself into the shoes of your reader, that is how you will see all the success you want and deserve. 

Your passion will come through and it’ll show just how much you care. Knowledge isn’t everything - it’s being able to connect with your audience that makes you successful.


What do you think makes a person successful? Will you be taking any of these mindsets into 2017?