I'm sat here at my new dining room table and I'm trying to think of the best adjective EVER to describe you all.

Stupendous? Extraordinary? Remarkable? I mean, how about you pick one you like the best and we'll leave it at that.

January is HERE.

After a short hiatus including lots of sleeping, laughing an eating chocolate, the weekly round-up of the best is back. I'm in a good place right now with a wonderful family and we've got so much to look forward to. How about you?

Here's some of the highlights from the first couple of weeks of 2017...


I'm sure most of you all know by now, but I got engaged! Tom got down on one knee on 23rd December and it was by far the happiest moment of the month, the year and my life. The wedding won't be for a couple of years but I'm so excited for planning and seeing my Pinterest board come to life! 

little branches weekly round up

#2 | Coat and roll neck jumper combo

During winter, I have been living in roll neck jumpers and basically jumpers of any kind. If you follow me on Insta, you'll probably see that my last few selfie shots have consisted of me in a said jumper, along with one of my favourite coats depending on my mood. My fave jumpers at the moment are a very very cosy black one I got for Christmas from Oasis and this chunky grey one from Miss Selfridge. I've also got my eye on a burgundy one from New Look and I'm also on the hunt for a cream one, so watch this space!

little branches weekly round up

#3 | Secret santa present

I just wanted to give a shout out to this secret Santa present that I got from someone at work. I have absolutely no idea who this person is but whoever they are, I want to give them a massive hug. I'd been on the hunt for a big chunky winter scarf for ages and then I opened this! Seriously, if I could've picked any scarf for myself it would've been this and I am OBSESSED.

little branches weekly round up

#4 | Bullet journal

Over the festive break, I decided that one of my New Years resolutions was going to be to stick to my bullet journal. So I purposefully set aside an afternoon to get it all set up and I'm so glad I did (plus I also love my minimal layout!) if you've never tried bullet journalising before it's essentially a productivity method of customising your own to-do list and having everything in one place, which is totally what my scattered mind needs. It's been so worth it so far and I'm already planning changes for next month’s layout. Once I get to grips with it, I'll be sure to do a full video walk through!

little branches weekly round up

#5 | Working at the dining room table

A couple of weeks ago we went on a MASSIVE IKEA haul for the new house and the thing we were most excited about getting (and most nervous about fitting in the car) was the dining room table. Luckily not only did we find the perfect one, but it also fit in the car - Yay! My dad and Tom put it together (with some hammer help from me) and now it is slowing becoming my work spot too. Our downstairs is all open plan so I love being able to sit at the table with flowers and a candle whilst being able to see into the garden and have a nosy at what tom is watching on TV. Plus, I'm not that far away from the kettle either 😉

little branches weekly round up

#6 | Everything mint and pink

THERE ARE SO MANY MINT AND PINK THINGS AROUND LATELY. I can't get enough. Let's start with pink followers, aka tulips (which are now a but droopy) and carnations which still look beautiful after a week! Then we've got my new placemats, tea, coffee and sugar storage, not to mention my variety of awesome tea towels. I've also got my eye on a few things in Debenhams that have a few gold elements. Having a house is very exciting!

little branches weekly round up

What was your favourite thing from this list? Make sure to leave a highlight from your week in the comments!


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