Good morning, friends.

It's Saturday night as I'm writing this. I’m currently sat at my dining table with The Hits radio playing in the background and getting ready to make tonight’s tea with Tom. I’m also very very excited, because we went to our first wedding fayre today, we’re planning our trip to London for the UK Blog Awards ceremony AND I’m prepping for the filming of my first ever YouTube video tomorrow (which is today!) I’m so glad this week has been better, because the full moon made me turn into SUCH a grumpus. Seriously, I’ve needed pep talks from my mamma a hell of a lot recently.

Although let’s be honest, we’re all allowed to have ‘off’ times, right?

As I said, this week has been better, but it’s still hard getting used to not just living in but OWNING your own home. I’ve been much more positive this week, got to do four workouts, made some really great meals, and there were some other lovely highlights which I’ll share below. But I’ve been SO tired, and no matter how much sleep I get, my body’s just like nope, that ain’t enough.

Of course, my emotions are still sky high after the news of our engagement and every time I walk into our living room and see all the cards I do fill up a bit. So maybe I need to take some time to chill, which is what the next couple of weekends are going to consist of.

I’ve also still got the spark of feeling like 2017 is going to be another great year, but I have to admit - it’s been a struggle trying to manage everything now more than ever. And there’s times when I think, YOU’RE DOING YOUTUBE? REALLY?! But I brush past it and promise myself I’ll try my best, because that’s all any of us can do, right?

Now, onto the highlights!


My mum bought me my first bridal magazine last week (I still can’t believe I’m even writing that!) Tom and I didn’t really know whether to start all the planning yet what with moving into a house and his new job, but we actually think it’ll help us settle in a lot more. So let the wedding planning commence!

Let me tell you though - not only is there SO much involved in planning a wedding, but there are SO many ideas to choose from. Seriously, it’s a complete mind field! From the ceremony to the flowers, to the dresses to the cake, and all these other things that I hadn’t even thought of. I always used to think planning my wedding would be like Father of the Bride (which is one of my favourite films EVER) - but it seems like there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye!

I’m excited though. We’ve got ideas already and I’m really looking forward to seeing them come to life. And the fact we get to do it together makes the whole thing all the more special.

little branches weekly round-up


I seriously felt all the effects of the full moon last week. I was emotional, narky, grumpy and just not myself at all. This week, my mood has been a lot better and I’m much more positive, but I still feel exhausted. It’s like I can’t wake up properly in a morning. Usually I feel so fresh, but lately I’ve not woken up properly all day, my eyes have felt really heavy and I’ve had a headache. What’s that about?

My mum thinks I need to slow down and I know she’s right. It’s just where we are right now, getting used to the house and a new routine and everything. But I’m just making sure that I keep on exercising and looking after myself, and hopefully once the days start getting lighter I’ll get back to normal.

little branches weekly round-up


After three years of waiting to play house with Tom, I’ve got to say, it makes me so happy to have our own home. I miss my family of course, but I still see them all the time. And the house does feel like ours. With our furniture, nik naks, and everything else we’ve brought, it really feels like we’ve put our stamp on the place.

Our two sofa’s are ones my mum and dad gave us that they’d been saving, one of the white cabinets you can see in this picture is from my bedroom and the fact we chose all our our furniture together really makes it feel like ours. We want to redecorate most rooms but we just want to wait until we’ve lived in it for a good while first. 

Keep an eye out on my Instagram for lots of new home and interiors snaps!

little branches weekly round-up


The hardest thing about these past couple of weeks has been getting into a new routine. Over Christmas, you lose all sense of time so your routine goes out the window. But with us moving into a new house, we’ve not only had to bring out routines back to life - we’ve also had to change them.

It’s been hard to adjust and we’re still working on it. But let’s be honest, that’s something you always work on! We’re just making sure that we’re doing everything together and the fact that we’ve got that support from each other makes things a whole lot easier.

little branches weekly round-up


Tom very very kindly got me tickets to see Swan Lake the ballet at Christmas (what a fiancee, right? 😉 ), and on Wednesday night we headed to Blackpool to watch it. If you don’t know already, I LOVE watching ballet, musicals and any theatre show going so I was definitely looking forward to this! It didn’t disappoint. The dancers were incredible, the story they told was so touching and the music was out of this world. Plus we were on the front row so we got the best seats in the house!

little branches weekly round-up


We didn’t really know what to expect from going to our first wedding fair, but it was actually great to get some different ideas. It was only a small one in our new local village and there were some cute little stalls with lots of pretty things that I was drooling over. They even had live doves!

The best bit though was coming back home afterward with Tom and sitting down to start thinking about the wedding we really want. We’ve picked a church, we’ve got a list of venues and it’s all very exciting. Watch this space for everything behind-the-scenes!

little branches weekly round-up

What was your favourite thing from this list? Make sure to leave a highlight from your week in the comments!

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