10 Of The Best Jobs For Bloggers

10 Of The Best Jobs For Bloggers

What do you want to be when you grow up? This is a question we've all been asked numerous times during our lives. School, college, university - everyone saying, what do you want to do for a job? When I was younger, I wanted to be a teacher. Little did I know, being a teacher wouldn't even be on my radar when I started my career.

Blogging does many things, but did you know it can also get you a job? You might not realise it, but every time you go through the process of creating a blog post from start to finish, you're using skills that look really impressive to potential employers. But what job could I do with these skills? Never fear. I've rounded up the ten best jobs you could go for as a blogger. Sit back and take notes.

10 of the Best Types of Jobs For Bloggers


#1 Copywriter

Writing is arguably the main thing we do as bloggers. A lot else comes with the job, but more than anything we write. It's also probably the reason why a lot of you started blogging in the first place. But what a lot of people don't realise is that as a blogger, you're not just a writer - you're a copywriter. You're writing with the simple aim to get people to read your blog. You want to be relatable, entertaining, inspirational, and that's exactly what's required as a copywriter. Because in this role you're writing to attract and sell.

things you'll be doing as a copywriter:

  • Writing landing pages and email campaigns
  • Content outreach
  • Writing website content
  • Coming up with promotions
  • Idea creation

#2 Web Designer

This is a route a lot of bloggers go down. If you can design a website, why not do it for a living? Plus, we need more girls learning code! If HTML is your thing and you love the process of putting a website together, a job in web design could be for you. There's always an abundance of web design jobs. It also looks great to potential employees when they know you've taught yourself.


  • Develop website mock-ups and prototypes
  • Work on existing websites improving their features
  • Putting websites together from scratch
  • Initial ideas for website design
  • Use HTML, JavaScript and Adobe Creative Suite

#3 Social Media Manager

If you get super excited when it comes to promotion and interaction on social media, this type of job could be perfect for you. A social media manager basically manages a brand's social accounts and builds their message across their platforms. So if Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest is your first love, start hunting for social media jobs.


  • Manage social media platforms & increase growth
  • Create and implement social media strategies
  • Report on analytics of progress
  • Creatively contribute to all platforms
  • Keeping up to date with trends and sourcing content

#4 Marketer

If you love writing about things to make people buy, read or want them, then a job in marketing is for you. As a Marketer, you are someone who promotes a product or service through many different ways. Print, design, online, social - you're using everything you know to get people to not only see, but buy what you're offering them. You've got to be able to really know your audience and have a passion for what it is that you're providing them, so choose your sector of work carefully.


  • Design and direct marketing campaigns
  • Develop relationships with different agencies
  • Writing content for many different platforms
  • Contribute to the development of the brand
  • Manage a variety of projects

#5 Communications Officer

Communications Officers are responsible for a company's communication with different target audiences. Your job would be to use different ways of communication to produce a wide range of material. If you can communicate effectively to your target audience, you help to build a positive reputation for your company. Exactly what you do for your blog and personal brand.

THINGS YOU'LL BE DOING AS A communications officer:

  • Come up with creative ways to communicate different marketing campaigns
  • Work in broadcast journalism, print and with social media
  • Work with colleagues to communicate brand messages
  • Tell a brand's story and communicate it in innovative and creative ways
  • Day to day PR activity

#6 Photographer

We all know how important it is to use our own photography as bloggers. This is just the same for the big brands. They want to be original. If you find you've got a talent for taking and editing photographs (and you love it), definitely consider getting a job in it.


  • Daily product or service photography
  • Organise photo shoots and find locations
  • Style shoots and retouch photos
  • Interpret creative briefs
  • Upload products to websites

#7 Freelancer

You can be a freelancer in just about anything. A freelance writer, freelance photographer, freelance social media manager - if you've got skills in different areas and know a full-time job isn't for you, freelancing is definitely an option to consider. Plus, it's great to do on the side as an extra source of income.


  • Whatever you like depending on what you want to freelance in!

#8 PA

What's a skill all bloggers have? Organisation. You can't maintain a schedule and get posts published on time without being organised. You build your blog around it. If you find that keeping yourself organised is one of your favourite parts of a being a blogger, a job as a PA could be perfect for you. Does managing someone's schedule sound like something you'd be good at? 


  • Provide support on a daily basis with diary management & arranging meetings
  • Create travel itineries and organise travel arrangements
  • Arrange and attend company events
  • Prepare documentation for meetings
  • Write compelling reports and perform presentations

#9 Journalist

Journalism includes everything. Writing, reporting, proof reading, editing, interviewing - most of what you do as a blogger. Maybe you love vlogging -  a career in broadcast journalism working within TV and radio would be great. Or if you love writing and editing, a career in print journalism would be ideal for you. A journalist doesn't just mean getting the latest story - it's about communicating words to an audience in an interesting, entertaining and unique way. There are many jobs within the field of journalism you could go for - the other day, I saw a job at The Telegraph for an iPad Content Editor. Yep, that's an actual job! You can be a journalist in food, film, fashion - anything that interests you.


  • Writing, writing and more writing!
  • Develop and pitch original stories
  • Proof reading and editing
  • Juggling a big work load and always working to deadlines
  • Sourcing and creating images

#10 COach/consultant

The new wave of careers that has hit bloggers everywhere is to try it as a coach or consultant. If you've built a successful blog or online presence, why not teach others how they can do the same? A word of warning - the only problem currently is that a lot of people are creating the same businesses. Yours has to be unique. What can you offer your clients that others can't? Why should they come to your for help and no one else? These are all things you have to communicate if you want to make a successful career out of this.

THINGS YOU'LL BE DOING AS A coach/consultant:

  • Listening to people
  • Providing the best, unique solution for their problems
  • Advising them on the best route to go down
  • Giving them ways to improve
  • Offering support and one to one consultations

A FInal Note...

So when you're next looking for a job, or even if you're on the hunt for your first job, think about what it is you're good at. What skills do you use already that would be included in a job you'd want to do? Don't just apply for the same job everywhere. Try out different ones that include some of the skills you know you've got. Remember, I first wanted to be a teacher. Now I work in social media. Do what you know. With the amount of skills you've got, you're already halfway there.

What do you think are good jobs for bloggers? Is your career in one of these areas? Leave a comment and let me know


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