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It's time to get your next breakthrough.

Learn how to increase your visibility, build your confidence and make a positive impact online, with a professional mentor to guide you along the way.

Do any of the following sound familiar?

Working like crazy without seeing positive results. You’re making so many sacrifices and putting so much time into social media, blog posts, and growth. You just can’t cope trying to fit everything in.

Unsure how to get consistent traffic to increase your visibility. You know your audience is out there, but how do you get them to notice you? You feel like you’re throwing every strategy at the wall hoping one will stick, but they haven’t worked as quickly or effectively as you’d expected.

Unable to cope with finding a posting schedule that works. You tried five days a week, then three, and now you’re struggling to even write one blog post a week. And when you do, you either don’t have any ideas or you can’t find your voice to speak directly to your target audience.

Losing your confidence. You have so many big goals and ideas you’ve been dreaming up, and you’re willing to show up and put in the work to make them happen. But you’re worried you’ve lost your direction and nobody will ever notice you in the noisy online world.

Frustrated by all the conflicting information. You’re fed up of wasting time trying to research how to grow your online presence. You keep hearing the same mediocre, boring advice. You want something that will work for YOU and work right NOW.

Did you nod along to any (or all) of the above? Fab. You are SO in the right place.


I used to be in your shoes. Spending hours each day working on my online presence with hardly anything to show for it. Making so many sacrifices and wasting so much time worrying about putting effort into strategies that weren't working for me anymore. Wishing so badly that I could just get a breakthrough with my blog, but feeling so overwhelmed with how much was out there already.

But then, something changed.

I developed a system - that actually works - in order to turn my blog into the coaching career I have today. In less than a year, I won three blogging awards and quit my day job to take my business full-time. Within just a month, I grew my monthly pageviews to over 100,000.

Now, I teach other bloggers and business owners at any stage of their journey, step-by-step, how they can get a breakthrough with their online presence through my Blog It Boss It coaching packages.

blog it boss it coaching

I want you to take a moment and imagine your life where you could…

Wake up each morning to a new email or message from a blog reader who felt inspired and motivated... all because of you.

Grow your visibility and turn your audience into a truly engaged community who want to read every single thing you put out there online.

Get back in control of your time and not allow your blog to take over your other priorities.

Have a countless stream of ideas for your content that you can’t wait to write about and your audience can’t wait to read.

Feel confident in your strategy without spending hours on unnecessary research. You know what you’re doing is efficient and effective, and you have the results to prove it.

You can achieve all of this and more by working with me for three or six months.

Six month coaching:
Your Investment: 
£1,450 in full (saving £50)
or 4 monthly payments of £375

Three month coaching:
Your Investment: £745 in full (saving £5)
or 3 monthly payments of £250

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“Before I made the decision to invest in coaching, I wondered if I actually needed it. But I was struggling with my growth and didn’t know the best strategies to implement to get results. Turns out working with Holly was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Holly is lovely and the face-to-face interaction was so much better than just emailing. I have so many resources now to help me and I have learnt numerous things. I know they will assist me to keep growing my blog and also help me with my new freelance venture. Working with Holly has been 100% worth it! There are always things to learn and this will definitely be an investment in your success.”

- Han Wright, Blogger + Mindset Coach

Let’s take a look at what we can do together…

  • Review your current online presence to analyse your strengths and weaknesses

  • Go through a goal setting training session to help you set intentional goals that you can take action on

  • Find clarity, focus and direction with your online presence

  • Uncover the strategies that really work to increase your visibility

  • Put a content strategy in place for you to speak directly to your target audience

  • Implement a promotional strategy to get more readers and grow your traffic

  • Work on your time management and prioritising skills so you make time for everything and get the work done

  • Work through your mindset blocks to reveal your confidence and true message (because strategy is only half of the pizza)

  • Finally take action on that idea you can’t stop thinking about

  • Actually learn what it takes to beat those social media algorithms

  • Understand what works best for your online presence so you put the right monetisation strategies in place

  • Get access to feedback, support and a friend throughout your journey


You have a choice to spend three or six months together working towards your next breakthrough…

Five or ten 60-minute coaching calls

Every 2-3 weeks we’ll hop on a 60-minute coaching session. This is where we’ll talk about whatever you want to make happen with your online presence. I’ll give you training sessions, tasks and exercises tailored to you to help you take action on your goals and hold you accountable as a friend along the way.

After each session you’ll feel motivated, driven, confident and ready to do the work. If you choose the three month package you will get five calls and if you choose the six month package you will get ten calls.

No-strings-attached additional email support

If you need some motivation, encouragement or a bit of guidance along the way, I promise to be at the end of an email during our time working together. I’ll also check in with you between each call so I can see how you’re getting on and remind you that I’m always here.

Tasks, trainings and exercises to help you work towards your breakthrough

At the end of each session, we will always make sure you have a list of tasks and goals to keep you working towards your breakthrough until the next time we speak.

Exclusive access to other resources

I create a lot of courses, workbooks, resources and trainings that will be very relevant to you during our time working together. As a client, you will get exclusive access to anything I create that I think is a good fit for you.

A client portal

You’ll also get access to your own client portal which will be your online hub as we work together. This will include call recordings, notes from sessions and other resources that you can access even when we’ve stopped working together.

Bonuses? You got them.

Booking onto one of the Blog It Boss It coaching packages will not only give you access to three or six months of 1:1 coaching along with exclusive access to other resources, you’ll also get these bonuses, for free. Including…

Full review of your online presence

I truly believe you can’t move forward unless you know where you’re starting from. But I also know how much time this can take. That’s why I’m doing it for you. In our first few weeks of working together, I’ll complete a full review of your website and social media platforms and provide you with feedback on your strengths and weaknesses, as well as any action points we can work on together.

Goal setting workshop

Setting goals will be the first thing we do together as a team so we both have a structure to work towards. I’ll work with you to set specific, actionable goals and take you through a system to allow you to set these intentionally and tweak them as you grow moving forward.

Six month coaching:
Your Investment: 
£1,450 in full (saving £50)
or 4 monthly payments of £375

Three month coaching:
Your Investment: £745 in full (saving £5)
or 3 monthly payments of £250


"I came across Holly’s Twitter when I was looking to start improving my blog reach. As a blogger who isn’t really that new but has blogged purely in the hobby sense, I knew there was tonnes I had to learn.

Luckily I found A Branch Of Holly as it has helped me improve different areas of my blogging to gain a wider readership. Her blog posts are really easy to follow & there’s so many posts to choose from. Even her tips she tweets come in handy & keep you improving.

I’m expanding my knowledge of behind-the-scenes blogging from bloggers like herself that are happy to share their expertise. I’m loving her new social media news posts on her blog which keep me up to date with what’s happening & how it can effect my blogging.”

- Shelley Busby from ByBubsy

The way I see it, you’ve got two choices…

You could keep trying to figure out all of this stuff on your own (which, by the way, takes even the most hard-working people years to do).


You could work with me one-on-one and steal my strategies to help you get some BIG results.

Think about where you want to be three or six months from now…

Do you have a plan to get there?

You can use the systems I teach you in my coaching packages to help you increase your visibility, make an impact and build your confidence along the way.

What will you choose?

a branch of holly coaching

Hi! I’m your coach, Holly. I’m the founder of online marketing brand A Branch of Holly where I help passionate bloggers and business owners at any stage of their journey get breakthrough after breakthrough with their online presence. As a blogger, I’ve won three industry awards in the space of twelve months and increased my pageviews by 60% in just one month to over 100,000.

Now, I’m taking all of the most important strategies and lessons I know and teaching them to YOU through Blog It Boss It. I’ll be showing you how to gain confidence, clarity, direction, focus, momentum, and growth with your online presence. I also have a puppy named Lola who may or may not make an appearance during our time together ;).

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"I first read Holly's blog a few years ago when I was completely new to blogging. As her blog has evolved, I really love how she's been honest and transparent about her tips. Some bloggers wouldn't dare of telling you their trade secrets to build a successful blog, but one awesome thing about A Branch of Holly is that nothing is kept off-limits!

Since following her blog religiously and chatting with her online, I've managed to quit my full-time job and start my own freelancing business to run alongside my blog. Her tips and advice have been extremely valuable for me, and I frequently point my readers in her direction if they're looking for tips to take their blog to the next level."

- Elise Dopson


How long do I get access to email support for?

How does forever sound? When I work with you as a client, I want to build a relationship with you. I’m not just your professional mentor - I’m your friend too. I’ll help to hold you accountable, encourage you when you’re feeling down and celebrate your wins no matter how big or small.

How do we communicate?

We’ll use Skype to have our calls together and email to communicate between those. You’ll also get access to a client portal where all your information, calls and resources will be stored. You’ll get access to that forever too!

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes! For each package you can either pay in full or pay in monthly instalments - I’ll send you the correct booking link once we’ve had a chat.

Could I just find what you teach online for free?

You can find pretty much anything online these days, but does that mean it’s valuable? No way. One of the main reasons I started coaching is because there is so much incorrect and outdated information online about how to build an online presence. As you might know, the online world is constantly evolving and being updated. This means that an article on Google can become outdated and incorrect in a matter of months. I’ll always work to provide you with the latest strategies and advice, so you never have to worry about being fed information that doesn’t work.

This would be a big investment for me. Is it really worth it?

I’ll let one of my clients, Han, answer that for you: “Before I made the decision to invest in coaching, I wondered if I actually needed it. But I was struggling with my growth and didn’t know the best strategies to implement to get results. Turns out working with Holly was the best decision I’ve ever made. Working with Holly has been 100% worth it! There are always things to learn and this will definitely be an investment in your success.” Han is right. Working with me as a coach may be a big investment, but imagine how much time and money you could be wasting by NOT doing it.

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a branch of holly
a branch of holly
a branch of holly



If you want to increase your visibility, build your confidence, make an impact and get a breakthrough, Blog It Boss It coaching is the system you need to make it happen.

Six month coaching:
Your Investment: 
£1,450 in full (saving £50)
or 4 monthly payments of £375

Three month coaching:
Your Investment: £745 in full (saving £5)
or 3 monthly payments of £250